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cPro Relax

cPro skin with colorthemes

cPro skin with colorthemes

You'll need the cPro plugin by SkinConsortium.SF New Republic font by ShyFonts (I guess).Brushes by ~PAULW.35 color themes and 5 beat vis animations. Enjoy them!Winner of SkinConsortium ClassicPro Skinning Shootout '08!

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November 12, 2008 by Veronica Mogni416379 downloads

cPro Relax - cPro skin with colorthemes

Staff review

Great new skin.

Excellent cPro skin that took first place in the ClassicPro Skinning Shootout '08.Very nice attention to detail, it really does not come any better than this, or does it?


Is this even winamp? - Beautiful and sophisticated but not cluttered. My favorite skin. Very well done Veroka! - February 7, 2009 by TylerA Doughty

Wow! - Perfection...from the style and colors to the ease in maneuvering through the features. This is a keeper. - January 16, 2009 by Richard Coreno

it'll crash - at first it was giving me trouble because the settings wouldn't stay as I set them. Now that I figured out how, this is maybe tha best skin ever made! It docks like bento but to tha side, and looks better than bento!!a must have!!! - January 12, 2009 by lalanzo thomas

hmm - but then ,nice !!!Ho's that Veronica ??Good darkskin ,only my eyes dying with allthat different webpages colors ,but the skin are great . - December 30, 2008 by Lucas Dantas

Seksay!!! - One of the best skins I've downloaded thus far. Thank you for creating something so remarkable. =] - December 17, 2008 by Vivian Ta

Excellent - This skins is an absolute oper of art. It looks amazingly cool, and has lots of interesting things added. Thank you very much ! - December 12, 2008 by CreativeX Guitarist

Unique... - Its good but it just seems like you slapped on a bunch of brushes and plain backgrounds, the layout is good though and the animations on the buttons are a good touch. - December 10, 2008 by David Wood

Yes Yes Yes - Kicks ass.Really nice and clean theme.I wanted to create my own skin but after seeing Im not sure if I can do better.I want more. - December 9, 2008 by Tom Chal

Amazing skin! - Superb! And great color schemas. Congrats on the featured, well deserved. - December 2, 2008 by Ivan L

dj antonio - bueno ta locaxo - December 1, 2008 by djantonio djantonio

Very nice - This is my favourite collection of colour schemes out of all the skins I've seen. Each one tasteful and classy, and it's easy to tell what songs in the playlist are selected.Visualization looks good but is an unobtrusive size so I can still get my work done with this onscreen. - November 30, 2008 by _ Almamun

Cool - YEAAAA nice nice interface - November 27, 2008 by djextra74 cotorro74

cool skin - cool skin - November 21, 2008 by pacific ps

Amazing!!! - Undoubtedly one of the best skins for Winamp. Was waiting a long time for a theme like this. Thank you so much Veronica. Its sleek, smooth, with flat buttons & a very abstract elegant design, especially for the buttons. Looks amazing especially with transparency. I have no complaints. Thank you once again. - November 19, 2008 by drmnys x

raouf - fooooooooooooooor - November 19, 2008 by allaf raouf

Amazing skin - I love the whole cPro concept too. One niggle I have with this skin is the border. It's a bit too thick and grey for my liking. Would look better (in my opinion) with a 1px black/white border and no border at all in winshade mode and when maximised. - November 17, 2008 by Dan Tee

Jump In - You have got to download this Champ. Awesome Colors that you can find too! - November 14, 2008 by QuadHeliX Barber

Congrats! Well deserved - Congrats on winning! Well deserved. The colorthemes are incredible (I cannot choose my fav). - November 13, 2008 by Ver�nica Lemos