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Steam remixed

The second "remixed" skin after MPxi remix.minimal is "remixed" from my recently released Steam.This time theres no gimmicks to play with, just a simple clean minimal skin.Also, for minimal I reduced the amount of gammagroups as much as possible so it will be easier for users to make their own colorthemes using the Winamp Color Editor. Colorthemes from Steam are in, plus some new ones. Enjoy! :) - [Last update: v1.04, 15/9/2010]

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August 24, 2010 by Alvin Chong76040 downloads

cPro - minimal - Steam remixed

Staff review

It's cPro but has some important changes

Good job! Interesting concept: some changes were made to the original cPro design, keeping usability. Good choice of colorthemes. Thanks for your submission.


Amazing skin. I love the minimalist approach and the color schemes. Unfortunately the skin suffers the same problem as your Steam skin....both dont seem to fully maximize with gaps being left at the side margins of the screen on fully maximizing. - August 28, 2010 by drmnys x