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cPro Insomnis

for Winamp ClassicPro

for Winamp ClassicPro

EnjoyClassicPro is a plugin that you'll need to install in order to use any cPro skin. Go to: for more information and the latest version of the plugin.

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June 15, 2008 by Zarko Jovic363826 downloads

cPro Insomnis - for Winamp ClassicPro

Staff review

Some cPro goodness.

As always, nice work, Zarko.


Very awesome!! - its play the video without any pop-up! its just perfect!! and, its just so natural! like it so much!! kep up the good work! - July 23, 2008 by Windy Sandra

Well, its great but... - its definitely an awesome skin, and cPro definitely is a very cool plugin to use these well organized skins. however..... when using Dynamic Library, the dynamic library tab dissapears whenever you go to another tab. so youre forced to hit ctrl+D (shortcut to display D-lib) every time you want to view it, which defeats the convinience of the tabs =\.. when closing winamp, it can take from 10-20 seconds for the winamp process to end so you can restart winamp. this is really inconvinient because when shutting down computer, i like to manually close winamp to save any playlist changes, EQ, etc. so i have to wait for like 10 seconds for winamp to close before shutting down the computer. then when re-opening winamp, the skin tries to close the Dynamic library causing D-Lib to pop up a notification saying 'please wait until dynamic library has finished scanning roots'. i'm not complaining at all, just hoping someone may consider these and possibly be able to resolve these issues in later versions of cPro. until then im gonna stick with regular winamp skins :D great skins though - July 20, 2008 by Jonathan Dark

winamp - Sardor - July 13, 2008 by Sardor Ruziboyev

This is what I've been looking for... - ... for a long, long time.and now, i found it and i can die happy.great balance of colors (at least a skin that doesn't hurt my eyes), everything is smooth and clean, without any unnecessary additions - first look at your customized winamp and you know exactly that this is the way it should always been.good work, big thx and much - July 10, 2008 by emq emq

good - I like - July 7, 2008 by chung peter

good - good - June 21, 2008 by man zand