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cPro Expensive Hi Fi

Expensive Hi Fi in cPro version

Expensive Hi Fi in cPro version

Do you remember the classic skin Expensive Hi Fi by Will? With his permission, here is the cPro version.

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April 7, 2009 by Veronica Mogni924052 downloads

cPro Expensive Hi Fi - Expensive Hi Fi in cPro version

Staff review

Expensive Hi Fi in cPro version

I don't do this often. Actually, I almost never give this high of a rating. But this skin I will give full marks. Thank you very much and keep submitting.


Wow :D - March 21, 2011 by [email protected]

i think its hot looking - i like it i like the colors and the features it got on it - July 26, 2009 by raul

Woot finally found the replacement! - The interweb can be hard to find stuffs jeesh! Finally found THE replacement for the classic Sony skin! Good job Veerooniica! I think Elvis Costello made a song just for you! - July 4, 2009 by geoff_arnstrom

hi - hi dear dlownd is - June 22, 2009 by rahul.loiya1993

Too Hip - Old-school sensibilities in a new-school kind of way. It is an excellent design that is easy to use and let's the music do the talking. - May 26, 2009 by richard

12 - Exec - May 20, 2009 by elena.camb

Very nice - Excellent skin...has a touch of "class"... - May 14, 2009 by Charles Ulbricht

fine - i am glad - May 13, 2009 by endre lazar

Perfect skin for a perfect media player - The Sony Amp design has always been a favorite of mine and this skin does not disappoint.Great job Veronica in updating this classic as a CPro design. - May 4, 2009 by Quest Knight

Greater Art - Only one cPro excess to another cPro. It's a beautiful interface. Textures, transparencies and lighting effects make a great realism. The individual displays, the knobs control, the beat vis (the "Little Lights" in particular) as well as the faces in relief of the child with his mother, until the notifier is a superlative beauty. Congratulations to the people of Skin Consortium. - May 4, 2009 by hector garcia

This skin is definately awesome. - I really like the skin, especially the chrome look. I just have one problem, and that is that the text is hard for me to read. I have bad eyes. Other than that, this skin has great performance and is totally awesome. - April 27, 2009 by Jackie Courteau

Excellent And Magnificent - An Excellent, Magnificent And Amazing CPro SONY HI-FISkin. Wonderful Job, It's Now One Of My Favourite Winamp Skins. Congratulations And Keep Up The Good Work. - April 10, 2009 by Joshua Wells

Perfect - Perfect! Did a good job!From PRC. - April 8, 2009 by YIXUNWEILAN NYMXB

Memories from the past - The original classic skin is great and this cPro version is amazing. I just wish the preview images were better. - April 7, 2009 by Ver�nica Lemos