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classicPro version of my Anunaki skin.

classicPro version of my Anunaki skin.

2nd place winner of classicPro skinning contest.classicPro (c) by SkinConsortium.comcPro_Anunaki (c) 2008 by

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April 26, 2008 by Jory Compendio256133 downloads

cPro_Anunaki - classicPro version of my Anunaki skin.

Staff review

Another winner in the Classic Pro line.

Really nice work, a great addition to the cPro line.


Impressive - Very Cool,Very Nice.I love The Retro Look Ya.Good Job :D - September 22, 2008 by Michael Buchanan

is hot - I in love - August 27, 2008 by lindychula vega

dwdw - dwdwdw - August 18, 2008 by el3arby el3arby

sawang calero - hi onsaon maninako dli manko kahibaw - August 16, 2008 by 153 123

Does it have a docked toolbar? - Yes it does! This skin is seriously sweet, there aren't many I use these days as I'm a docked toolbar whore. This skin is brilliant though. Check it out! - August 11, 2008 by Adam Luttman

clear and noble. - This is on of my top fav skin! Take a look at it. - July 11, 2008 by Joe Trapp