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Classix 10k

Designed for Classix 10k windows theme.

Designed for Classix 10k windows theme.

This is the Ergonomic v2 version done as addition to the minimalistic windows theme originally created by gigatexel, saintdark and bant.

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June 15, 2003 by :: egalitarian ::199674 downloads

Classix 10k - Designed for Classix 10k windows theme.

Staff review

Classic design.

Familiar easy to use layout, 2.9 windows are skinned.


beige - seems to be a lot of beige skins around. it would be nicer in a different color. and, the slider for the playlist is hard to see/find for me and my visual differences. oh and egalitarian - i downloaded several of that other fellow's skins who you gave permission to use your stuff. Thanks for doing that! -- anyway to the person who asked 'how do you surf the web' if the white hurts your eyes, try this: override fonts and colors. - June 14, 2006 by maryellen sager

very nice, minimalistic! - finally a skin without all the extra jazz but still containing style. "my eyes hurt, wah wah wah" wtf?! colors on this skin are fine. if the "white" on here hurts your eyes how do you surf the web? - March 24, 2006 by steven palafox

i like simple - Great skin. but too much white. It hurts my eyes. - July 15, 2005 by Pat Hill

Simply looks good. - All buttons are easy to find, clear design, nice contours! - June 26, 2005 by Simon Seipel

IT IS Amazing - could replace classic skin of winamp:-) - October 24, 2004 by Heng Li

5 stars 4 an artist - most people don\'t realise how difficult it is to create a simple, efficient, nice-colored, esthetically-pleasing skin. Most skin creators lack the most basic artistic skills concerning color-use, layout, equilibrium. So I rate this 5 - the guy who made it knows his job. - March 23, 2004 by Sam T

Simple and sweet! - Simplistic yet elegant design! Just what I was looking for! - July 3, 2003 by Arden Austria

beautiful - Has everything a good skin must have Nice job! - July 1, 2003 by nico leRuss

Very Nice - Very easy on the eyes. All the controls are easy to find, not muddled together. Even the Library is skinned. Excellent. - June 24, 2003 by Ryan Snook

Perfect skin - Really cool skin! It works perfect! .Bradat User. - June 20, 2003 by Ivo Bradata

amazing work par4 - tz tz tz coooool?!!! - June 19, 2003 by vasil kurtev

@bout skin - It's cool! - June 19, 2003 by Valia Nikolova

it works perfect - i am amazed from this staff . so cool . so good . oaaaaooooo - June 19, 2003 by lando thehut

Cool! - "Cool" is enough ;-) 10x parchuchetarian egalitarianski - June 19, 2003 by Ivaylo Ivanov

I like it - It's a great, clean looking, easy to navigate skin. Keep it up man. - June 18, 2003 by Acid Rain