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Chromium by axlar

Chromium by axlar

Chromium by axlar

Inspired by my old skin TitaniumSky I decided to pick up the art of skinning again, after a break of over 5 years!

This skin Chromium is the result of a few months of work, thanks to everyone who helped me out on desicions, etc.

Features some nice animations and I tried to find the boundaries of the classic limitations! Also a cool reflection helps to liven up the skin!

Special shoutout to skinlove forum, garetjax, peacemaker, flattmatt, el-argento and nini!

A WinAmp-skin in the classic standards! All windows cursors are skinned, so the skin is also compatible for older WinAmp versions. Also created a skin for the MikroAmp plugin.


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September 4, 2006 by Stijn aka axlar269544 downloads

Chromium by axlar - Chromium by axlar

Staff review

An amazing return to form for one of Winamps long time skinners, missing from the scene for such a long time.

This is a real beauty, the chrome and blue really blend well together.

Welcome back axlar, long may you continue to skin!


SWEET !!!!!!!!!!!!! - Being an "Ole' School Streetrod Motorhead" this is right down my lane... This blends very well into my screen with all of the other streetrod nostalgia..Thanks............. - June 28, 2008 by Stu Gary

cool - this is tight - November 21, 2006 by Aaron Hickman

Chrome & Blue - What a combo. You can't get much better thsn this! Nicely done Axlar. Tom G. - November 8, 2006 by Thomas George

carro - carros - October 26, 2006 by Cristiane aragao

okay... - everything id fine for me, except that the windows look awful separated, the buttons are small and the edges are too pixelated for me - September 14, 2006 by Thomas Lynn

Most Appealing - I love the overall feel of the skin though for me the Titlebar/ClusterBar buttons are a bit to beveled but the overall effect is brilliantly executed and very well done. Great Job mr. lynx - September 9, 2006 by Joe Garrett

dissa nice - nica rone! - September 8, 2006 by David S