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Fifth skin

Fifth skin

Made entirely in paint.

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August 16, 2004 by Ryan Dunn12147 downloads

Checkered - Fifth skin

Staff review

Its 3-D, in a 2-D kind of way.

Not bad...but nothin to make it too exciting.


Brilliant - Two of Ryan Dunn's experimental 3d skins are exceptional: "Checkered" and "Blocks". Checkered combines a minimal grey interface with a functional and attractive presentation. The use of transparency is understated and appropriate. My only criticism are the black lines present in the audio levels visualization area which mar the otherwise clean facade. - August 27, 2006 by Aharon Varady

Innovative, yet... - I like the basic idea behind it... changing the skin to a 3-D like environment, and I like the cube idea... but it's executed kinda badly. The whole thing together gave me a bit of a headache to look at it. - August 17, 2004 by Alan Karna