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Bubble Tea


New and updated for Winamp5

Drink your boba while you listen to music! 8 different flavors, 5 straw colors, thousands of text colors. Features a revolutionary song ticker that empties the drink as the song nears the end. New in version 2 is the straw mode, smaller compact size than the previous version, and fixed songticker for winamp5. Enjoy!

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July 31, 2004 by Stephen Boyd47625 downloads

Bubble Tea - Updated - New and updated for Winamp5

Staff review

Umm.... juicy ?

The idea is certainly novel, but it isn't executed very well, the progress of the song being visualised as emptying of the glass is a great idea, but it's too easy to accidentaly switch to another part of the song, and it looks quite bad when it's near the end. Other windows look bad too. A nice try, but probably needs more work.


tea - I love bubble tea. and this skin rocks :) - May 1, 2006 by tina harbadin

Not Bad - I like this skin. I don't think it looks bad toward the end of the song, and like the idea of the juice. I would agree, however that it is to easy to swich places in the song. I also like that I can esily comustimize it alot, but the lid would not work. - January 2, 2005 by Bob Jackson