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Braun CC 4/2

HiFi-Component with Braun CC 4 Look

HiFi-Component with Braun CC 4 Look

The Next Edition. In remembrance of the Braun HiFi sector. Try it. Bug with the Volumebutton and problem with the small button range corrects.

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January 27, 2008 by Thomas Fensky237245 downloads

Braun CC 4/2 - HiFi-Component with Braun CC 4 Look

Staff review

Your old stereo.

Remember the days....You had a component stereo, with dreams of buying that next better model?Well, that model is gone, but with this skin it will be just like you finally got it.


I like the look. All I can do is look. How on Earth does one download a skin. Pro member-urchin63 - March 13, 2010 by Charles Salisbury

Nice Design! 2 Mistakes/ 2 Fehler - I really like the shape and the design!But there are 2 mistakes in this.If the "volume - button" is pressed it will go till 0 and then start again at 100!It should stay at 0.If you increase "volume + button" it goes till 100 and stays at 100 if continously pressed.The second mistake is "return" it should be named "stop".The fonts should be bigger , too.Ich mag das Design sehr, allerdings habe ich 2 Fehler entdeckt.Wird der -Knopf gedrckt, dann geht die Lautsrke bis 0 herunter und fngt dann schlagartig wieder bei 100 an. Wird umgekehrt der Lautstrkeregler + gedrckt schnellt die Lautstrke bis auf 100 hoch, bleibt aber bei 100."return" sollte "stop" heien?!Die Schriftart an den Knpfen ist recht klein.Schade ansonsten htte ich 5.0 gegeben - November 16, 2008 by Nico Mertens

Nice made - It really looks like a real stereo. The only minus is the small buttons. - September 6, 2008 by no name