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Color - Blue

Relax yours eyes!

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February 12, 2007 by Michael Antonoff67515 downloads

BLuE_XP - Color - Blue

Staff review

Not really a bad skin, although it has nothing original in it.
The video window is an after thought, and as such does not fit in with the remainder of this skin.
A mistake that will cost in the ratings department.


Blue.. - I'm not big on blue.. but this skin is nice. It's simple, and not OVER done.. I especially like the fact that it is clean and easy to read. No cars, cartoon characters, or half naked hootchies - those are lame - not to mention copyright violations :-S THANKS - March 14, 2007 by Wolfie Wolf

Nice! - It's blue and I love blue. It's true, video window doesn't fit with the rest. But the skin is clean and I like it anyway. - March 4, 2007 by Maja MM

Looks not so bad... - but i only use modern skins. I like complete skins. :) - March 2, 2007 by Nelson Fluckz

bland - nothing to look at. just very blue, thats it tho. the point of a skin is to have something better than the defalt skin, and better to look at. this does not any of thos it just looks like you looked at the defalt one and made it crapy. - February 15, 2007 by Bryan Feldman