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blue v3

one more in the list...

one more in the list...

How is this skin??do give ur comments...

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July 15, 2006 by Thiru kumaran221265 downloads

blue v3 - one more in the list...

Staff review

Backlit blue, very good.


Good Enough!! - This is a good winamp modern skins with Blue V3. But my opinion... I had think this is a looks like a winamp classic skin. Because in my winamp modern skin in my home not looks like that. I don't know what the version of my winamp modern skin in my home. It's no my mind not respected you! But that is my opinion... I am very sorry if my words is hurt you feel. I am sorry too if my words had many failure in the sentences, because my speak English isn't good. Thanks Before. Nice! - November 28, 2007 by Wesley Sinaga

wkd - love the blue skin its wkd - October 22, 2007 by daymo battell

lovely - can improve little bit - October 1, 2007 by jinnou jinnou

I lied - Ok, I lied. I like V3 better than V2. Reading seems a little easier and you managed to coax an even deeper blue! Nice. - July 17, 2006 by Shane Moore