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Blue Drop

Simply blue drops with hints of purple.

Simply blue drops with hints of purple.

This is my first skin. I tried my best to fully skin every window. It is based on a wallpaper I made and then it took on a new life of its own once I started skinning. Hope you like it! I enjoyed making it.

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February 24, 2004 by James Binegar128162 downloads

Blue Drop - Simply blue drops with hints of purple.

Staff review

very nice

it's all blue but very readable, the bubbles theme is carried out throughout the skin. nice job!


It's the right blue for my desktop theme - I like this, I don't know what the story is with the large circle on the left but anyway. I write this review just to inform that the shuffle button is wired backwards. When it's lit up white it's not on. I've given a 5/5 because I can see a lot of work in this and I really appreciate you doing that. As I said, it's the only blue that matched my desktop theme and also it is nice to look at. Well done - February 16, 2008 by Jon Merlin

damn... - God damn, love at first sight, AMAZING !!! - February 15, 2006 by Naughty AsPossible

AWESOME!!! - It's my favorit !!! easy to use and it looks ILL !!! Good job man !!! once again i love it !!! 5 starts 4 sure - September 11, 2004 by Playa 4ya

Thanks! - Hey Rontz, Thanks for your kind review and details on why this is your favorite of my work. I have tried to fine tune my work in each new design and also offer variety. I am working on a newer version of this skin in green and teal tones. It will be improved in the visuals and use of space compared to this one. I want it to be a stand alone skin and not just another color of this one. I think it will be well received even more than this one. So if you like this one be sure to look out for "Emerald Lagoon". - May 22, 2004 by James Binegar

nice :) - i like this skin most from all your skin submissions, as it simply has more "depth" ... the other ones look a bit flat. you'Re wondering what the missing 5th star is? :) simple :) i love freeform and normally don'T like wa2 skins. that's one half, the other half has also to do with the shape: even in winamp classic skins you can use regions to cut some things/areas of. --> kinda "freeform" ;) that's missing on most winamp classic skin - May 20, 2004 by i rontz

Nice! - Like it :) ... THE END :P! - April 14, 2004 by Eugen Borcan

Great skin - It's a beautiful skin. I love the colors and 3D effects. However, there are a few major flaws, so let me be constructive. The buttons and sliders do not fit into the background very well (other words, give a transparent illusion), especially when pressed. When round buttons are being pressed, they should not give a square outline (or is this suppose to be artistic). - February 26, 2004 by Thomas Ha

Follow up - Thanks for the feedback. However, I don't think what you mentioned are "major flaws" maybe "minor flaws" and partly a matter of personal opinion. I will consider your input as I go forward creating my next skin. This was my first skin, so hopefully they'll get better as I learn. - February 26, 2004 by James Binegar

Thanks! - I am so happy that this skin has been so well received. Thanks to the Winamp team for a wonderful review on my first skin. I sincerely appreciate the positive feedback. I will have my second skin out in the near future. Thanks again! ~ James - February 25, 2004 by James Binegar

Blue Drop - Oooh, really nice - I'm always on the lookout for stylish blue skins, and this is excellent! - February 24, 2004 by Katsue Fox

Sassy!! - this is totally awesome!! i like the graphics u have used! Good Job - February 24, 2004 by Harsh ranjan