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Blizzard v2

Featured Skin, June 5, 2003.

My first one on Crisp and Clear, eye catching... a must on every winamp 2 user

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June 4, 2003 by Eleazar \"Ely\" Ocbina462644 downloads

Blizzard v2 - Featured Skin, June 5, 2003.

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Blowing a fresh clean wind through winamp land. Get your free copy here.


Great skin. :) - December 31, 2009 by

Woa!!! - This skin is absolutely gorgeous... It's sleek and easy to use... A++++ - October 17, 2008 by Julia Tawyea

5 Years Later & Still Unsurpassed - When I bought my desktop 5 years ago shortly after adding Winamp Media Player, like most people, I wanted to customize it. After scrolling through pages upon pages I found this gem. It's clean, attractive & functional. Two months ago when I purchased a new laptop after downloading Winamp Media Player I immediately started searching through skins, with hopes to give it an updated look. However, after many hours I came back to this one. Five years later and it is still as sleek as ever. This is by FAR one of the best Winamp skin designs ever created, and probably always will be. 6.0/5/0! - September 12, 2008 by Brendan OShea

Clean - This is a very user friendly from the moment that I launched it A must have for sure. Dave - April 17, 2008 by David Collins

Good work - The only problem I can find with this skin is the white bar underneath the close and minimize buttons on some windows, other than that, excellent work, but also take into consideration the previosly pointed out lack transparancy. - October 2, 2006 by Thomas Lynn

New Favorite! - My new favorite, and the only skin I've ever taken the time to rate :) - August 5, 2006 by Alex Smoljanovic

Nice !! - Very nice...clean.... one of the best skins I've seen keep up the good work !! Bob Ely - May 20, 2006 by Bob Ely

.VERY.NICE. - I really like the colors, and how it looks like metal. Really cool. - November 3, 2005 by DIANA nguyen

??? ??????? - ??????? ??????. ????? ??? ???????????. ???????, ?? ?????????! - March 30, 2005 by KamekadzA No_way

very cool - if it would be transparent around the beveled chrome windows instead if the bright blue, I would give it 5 stars. - January 12, 2005 by Tom Hespero5

Blizzard v2 - Very very good.. Nice n clean, crisp and easy read... Top shelf... - December 13, 2004 by Norman B

Another good skin! - Dangit... there's another good one.... - September 6, 2003 by Cesar Saez

NICE - I am a bliz fan but even without the logo i would still download and use this everyday.. Modern and EZ to use... neat color spectrum - July 11, 2003 by Kevin The Short

i'm from China! - it's my first time to come here,wow,it's wonderful! - June 13, 2003 by weiwei dong

VERY cool - It looks I will be able to use it :-) - June 11, 2003 by Gergely Tarsoly

Just Awesome - Looks so advanced and yet keep things to where you don't get lost looking for everything. Even better is that it manages to include the winamp library which most skins fail to do. Great feel to it. - June 9, 2003 by Bobby Madrigal

Blizzard v2 skin - Great looking skin... to bad I'am having problems downloading it. B.Ely - June 9, 2003 by Bob Ely

, - Cool :P - June 6, 2003 by Sweet-O Dude

Just... wow... - It's not often that a skin comes along that just kicks the snot out of many other skins. I have to say that this is definately one of those few... - June 3, 2003 by Alex Wiser

Don't Lie! - You think i am fool? This is not your first skin. This is the coolest perfect and smooth skin! - May 31, 2003 by Sikander Shahjahan

Increible - El mejor skin para winamp 2.X con mucha diferencia. - May 31, 2003 by Eduardo Rodriguez

Yipee! - I love the skins that are 2.9 compatible it makes me feel complete when I use them. - May 31, 2003 by Bryan Shon