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Bleu Thing V3

il est nouveau, il est bleu, il est juste pour vous

il est nouveau, il est bleu, il est juste pour vous

A radical re-build of my existing WA2 skin of the same name, retaining the look and feel of the WA2 skin, while at the same time changing it.Lot's of new features built in, new layout, new windows to play with.Try the winshade mode complete with built in EQ, stack those components up, or simply watch the seperate vis window while your music plays.

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December 8, 2003 by Jones Owns278505 downloads

Bleu Thing V3 - il est nouveau, il est bleu, il est juste pour vous

Staff review

Great Job

Original shape and layout. This skin gives new life to an old favorite.


by Jones Owns - 12 - October 28, 2004 by Helena Zimackova

:T - it's nice how it fits together like a puzzle, but it's a little hard to read and hard to see which buttons do what even though you labelled them... - October 7, 2003 by kko n

l'amour est bleu - Lovely colour,very nice! - November 7, 2002 by Kathy Stewart

Bonkers! - That's what I went after seeing the cool skin.... a class act! - September 8, 2002 by Nikhil N

Fave coloR! - nice... simple and good. - September 7, 2002 by Ervin Sam Yray

meh.... - i think that some of the buttons could perhaps be made different from each other so that you can tell what your doing when you start using it Nice colours though. would love it if the buttons would be clearer - September 7, 2002 by andrew jeffery

Itz aight... - Nice colors, transparencies, etc. but itz too bulky. Not too impressive for some reason or another, but itz cool anyway. - September 2, 2002 by Quetus Bluephii

V.good - Very good skin, looks great and its even got a mute button! wow... anyways some of the text is unreadable, e.g. id tags but otherwise definitely worth putting in your collection. - August 26, 2002 by James Fox

I like your color tech and application - I have not skinned anything myself, so for starters I will tell you you've gone farther than most of the ones complaining and otherwise being indignant.. To the ignorant ones, learn to skin yourself, remember when you started out, and otherwise if you can not give creative input keep it to yourself. - August 25, 2002 by Laura Antropov

Nice skin - It's a pretty nice skin so keep up the good work. And for the rest of you people, you better stop being so dag picky when it comes to skins. Your criticsm sucks and if you don't like it, don't download it. I mean it's free so whatever. It's the artist's work so it shouldn't be so perfect. A skin is a skin. Get over it. Oh yeah, once again, nice skin!! - August 22, 2002 by Sharon Cruz

OK.... - This skin is pretty good, but it needs some work on some of the menu's, in look that is. The window shade mode is ok, i like a window shade mode that is really much more compact.... but that's my preference... - August 20, 2002 by Tristan Gordon

... - pretty good looking, but i still give it a 3 - August 20, 2002 by Philip Mark

Great =D - I love that skin, even tho its too big for everyday use (since I keep winamp on top of the screen) The visualisation is great 0.o never tought you could make a custom one in xml. Layout is great. etc... Only problem: Too big, but that ain'T realy a problem. Un des plus beaux skins fait pour winamp 3 jusqu'ici! - August 20, 2002 by Dominic Grenier