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Bionica v2

Featured Skin, July 24, 2003.

Go go go boy! made for breed release #22; based on Bionica v1 and the color scheme from 'Go Boy 6' in danimation2001's deviantart gallery, all windows skinned. Color mods will be available on my website ( and at breedart soon. 'Go Boy 7' is a trademark of Dark Horse Comics, Inc.

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July 23, 2003 by 883 [breed]297697 downloads

Bionica v2 - Featured Skin, July 24, 2003.

Staff review

Very nice skin.

Refreshing colors and some very good animations, great combination.Some features are for the advanced user, but overal quite usuable.


bionica - yes good - October 25, 2006 by octavian ciocoi

breed does great work - Great color combinations and enjoyable graphics. - September 17, 2006 by Pascal Getreuer

Very nice - Great Skin!!! Check it out... - December 1, 2004 by nucleo master

didn't know - verry nice skin like the details a lot only the robotic head in the EQ is not where i was looking for but still verry nice !!!! - October 12, 2003 by longo maxtra

Desearia poder hacer algo asi - Excelente! Desearia poder hacer algo asi. Muy buenas animaciones y colores! - September 19, 2003 by Veronica Mogni

Awesome - I love the detail that went into this skin, the colors are perfect. Its personally one of the best skins I've every seen. You've done an awesome job with this skin IMHO. I just got winxp so I had to search for this skin for an hour to find it again and I'm happy to have this in my collection. Keep up the great work. - August 31, 2003 by Denny Steel

! - very nice, but I think Bionica v1 are one step ahead... thanks for the Bionica skins - August 28, 2003 by Henrik Asenklint

colors - i did not liked the colors sorry - August 24, 2003 by Jason Lewis

ccol animations - nice skin overall - August 24, 2003 by insane 666

883 - N e thing else to say ???? - August 4, 2003 by Nikhil Sharma

Interesting - This skin makes everyone want to know what each button does, it's like you want to touch it. I've enjoyed your WA skins and this is no different. Excellent job! - August 4, 2003 by deductive reasoning 3367

nice skin - nice skin - August 4, 2003 by Boris Maltsev

Wow. Just... Wow. - Amazing skin. Everything is so fluid and smooth; at high resolutions it's almost as if you could reach out and touch it. :D I agree that the buttons are a little hard to find, but that's no reason at all to mark down this piece if art. 5+ - July 31, 2003 by Jerrad Neff

I feel loved - Simply MASTERPIECE! 10 stars... - July 31, 2003 by Imre Benedek

Whoo - Man, this skin actually made me sign up to Winamp to comment on it. I think it's a piece of genius - it's so smooth and well designed, yet still readable and usable, something that many skins I download definitely don't manage. I have no hesitation giving this 5 out of 5, it's going to stay on my Winamp for a long time yet :-) - July 29, 2003 by Gus Luxton

very good - a very awesome skin, good work ! - July 29, 2003 by Bjorn Bruggmann

Hmm - It looks really good, but where are the buttons? Oh, there they are.. - July 27, 2003 by Sweet-O Dude

Gorgeous... - I don't know anything about Go Boy Seven, but I do know that this is an absolutely beautiful skin. The colors you used go incredibly well together. The lighting/reflection effects are also incredibly effective (I love how the Main and Equalizer windows really look like glass with a blue tint.). Upon seeing the screenshot for this skin, it instantly became one of my all time favorite skins for Winamp. To make things even better, it's fully skinned and Winamp 2.9x compatible. The only two things I can find to complain about are: 1. There isn't a clearly defined button for the lightning bolt in the Main window. 2. The placement and function of all of the buttons isn't immediately clear. The first complaint is minor and the second is remedied with prolonged use of the skin, so in reality, this skin is, for all intents and purposes, perfect. In conclusion, I give Bionica v2 a 5 for Completeness, a 5 for Aesthetics, a 5 for Originality and an Overall Rating of 5. Keep up the great work! - July 27, 2003 by Keith Fruge

the illest! - got any more? really nice... - July 27, 2003 by druid droljix

Great! - Really great job! Very round thing you did! marc - July 26, 2003 by marc thiele

AWESOME! - I love this skin! When I get the right desktop litestep theme to use this winamp skin ill use it! - July 24, 2003 by Daniel Rollins

5 - 5 - July 17, 2003 by tyson smith

883 quality. - Coolness. :) - July 15, 2003 by lionel hirard

Stunning work! - Wow dis thing is da bomb! 10 Stars! - July 11, 2003 by hell lo