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by bahmet

by bahmet

-Mini a browser
-2 mane window mode
-beautiful design

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September 23, 2006 by John Bahmet235773 downloads

Biohazard_V2 - by bahmet

Staff review

Nothing annoys me more than having a good looking skin like this force a web site on you when you open it for the first time, if I wanna see your site, I'll do it my leisure thanks.

Other than that, good skin


123 - 132 - June 3, 2008 by ppolat ppolat

Bad - When I opened it for the first time it made me go crazy! I changed it somehow into a smaller skin and couldn't change it back.And overall I dont like the looks of it very much so I delete it. - June 3, 2007 by Sergei Akhmetov

Hmm... - Very gloomy - February 11, 2007 by Michael Antonoff

... - Good stuff, nice skin... Only the website is ruining the skin! - December 25, 2006 by joeyjo0 joey

Bahmet skins - Really nice work. I also enjoyed browsing the website. Bahmet is a talented guy. ~CrashKidd34 - October 5, 2006 by Richard Longjohnson

Not too bad. - This skin is ok. It's nothing greatly special, and it is rather boring. I do like the Balloon Tips though. I'm not going to use this skin, however. - September 29, 2006 by Paul Smith