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Get this Futuristic Winamp becuase---
After the Biowars Came
Bio-Nid The Only Winamp Player Left.

yes Cheesy but true.

Lots of cool stuff in my skin please try it.

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January 6, 2007 by QuadHeliX Barber358997 downloads

Bio-Nid - Oww

Staff review

Original, definitely. Easy to use? No, you pretty well have to know what you're doing.

Still, if you like spiders, this is the skin for you. Very nice spiders, lots of them. :)


Buggy-looking Bug (umm... Spider) - Idea is nice, and it looks rather good. Still definitely not fun to use - hard to operate, and somehow manages to disallow me to pause a song without forwarding 10 seconds. Definitely my vote for "Work In Progress". - January 11, 2009 by Peter Swordish

GG - yeah cool ^^ - May 1, 2008 by marco MARC

o.o....s-s-s-spiiiiiiider!!!! *Runs* - Great skin, very nicely done, though the idea of it being a spider terrifies me...sorry ^_^;; - December 1, 2007 by Leonardo McRosia

wow, wow! - No comments - October 11, 2007 by spirydon apllebaum

Nice - Nice want!! I recommend it!! - March 11, 2007 by Andy Airil

Cute. I like it! Not boring at all! - Space saving and gets attention real quick! Perfect in helping keep desktop uncluttered and visually pleasing. I needed a little red to be contrasting to almost everything else. - January 14, 2007 by Timothy Zebley

Rammstein - Reise Reise - January 12, 2007 by Lara Ishmurzina

nice one :) - as your other skins :D very original and well done :) i just like it :D what about toggleable sunglasses for the spiders in a next version? ;D c ya - January 10, 2007 by i rontz