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Hi dudes!I just made this skin for my own windows theme;after a

Hi dudes!I just made this skin for my own windows theme;after a

Hi!Back to skinning:)This skin is based on my very own windows theme pack.(however it is not public yet,but if you want it; just drop me a message.)So a few personal thoughts:It was hell of a fun to make this skin, becouse i made my last winamp skin in 2003.Maybe i will "port" it to a modern version...dunno... i must learn that form of skinning.Enjoy it and save the beavers :B

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December 17, 2007 by ekho _286695 downloads

beaveramp - Hi dudes!I just made this skin for my own windows theme;after a

Staff review

I like this one.

Very good, but where's the beaver?


i live in Beaverton, i have to download this =] - July 26, 2010 by Richard Longjohnson

..nice, clean style - Simply, I like it!Very good work. - August 7, 2009 by CLA r

Mainly OK - Don't like this kind of the volume's control dial. The rest is OK. - November 14, 2008 by Buddy R

yeah baby! - Fursday flavour for all days! - November 6, 2008 by Bee DeFameile

nice colour - just wanted to say nice job the colours are nice simple but good the little beaver could have been a little better Thanks for the skin - July 22, 2008 by Brian Smith

thanks - good job, thanks - January 16, 2008 by Philippe Blasco

rregetoon - todas las canciones de regetoon - January 15, 2008 by julio alberto

Cool and clean! - I just love this one!That little beaver is cute. - January 5, 2008 by szab roxna

cool - this is a very cool skin for winamp and i've got it on my winamp - January 2, 2008 by tony lloyd

slick - this is a very sexy skin and i really love it. normally i always use the classic skin for AGES now but this skin made me switch. in fact i love it so much i would love to get it for win XP. im using the blue win xp skin since ...oh boy how old is win XP? but i want to switch it now and replace it with your skin so it will fit perfectly to my brand new win amp skin. you said your windows skin isnt public yet but if somebody wants it they can drop you a line. i couldnt figure out if there is a way to send PMs on here so Im BEGGING you for your skin through this comment. i couldnt figure out your email either. my email is mark.p0rter AT i really hope to hear from you :) - December 30, 2007 by Mark P0rter

Hint hint: check the playlist :B - Hint hint: check the playlist :B - December 18, 2007 by ekho _