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Azenis mimi

New skin for Winamp

New skin for Winamp

New skin for Winamp

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October 17, 2008 by itemsoft itemsoft762487 downloads

Azenis mimi - New skin for Winamp

Staff review

minimal skin with reduced functions

Azenis mini pretty fits the Azenis Window Blinds Theme.Nevertheless it comes with a reduced functionality: It doesn't have an Open Files Button nor the 5th Playlist button. The Seeker has no 'Seek to' info in Songticker and the windowframes overlap each other :(


i like this one a lot, it fits perfect, thanks! - October 19, 2009 by nolo2299

Good - i like your skin...thankyou...Azenis mimi.... - February 11, 2009 by docxsz ifaxsz

gh - hgjghjhg - January 17, 2009 by ahmed saeed

ttt - ttttttttttttttttttttttttttt - December 7, 2008 by theis frdi

nice style, but needs much work - I absolutely love the graphics in this skin. with that said, I have to say that the skin reviewer is incorrect in saying that the window frames overlap each other. the window frames behave correctly, what is being experienced is the forced z-order of the window contents itself. for example, instead of the contents of the playlist window being directly underneath the frame for the playlist window, it's also underneath the contents of the media library window+frame, and for the media library, the contents of that window is underneath the playlist window frame !#even when the media library is selected#!. - November 25, 2008 by Jon Joy