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Azenis 2

Winamp modern skins on a theme Azenis2.

Winamp modern skins on a theme Azenis2.

Winamp modern skins on a theme Azenis2.

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May 21, 2008 by itemsoft itemsoft398311 downloads

Azenis 2 - Winamp modern skins on a theme Azenis2.

Staff review


I like the colors and the textures, but once again am a bit put of by the overlapping feature.


Cool design - Nice smooth design & a nice setup. Only thing I were missing were the colortheme. Else then that its pretty much everything I were looking for. - September 14, 2009 by rasczak0

NICE - A real cute skin :) Thanks/off Also nice playlist - August 26, 2009 by manev.mitko

great colors ! - i love the colors of this skin and how the buttons light up when u scroll over them good job easy to use - November 4, 2008 by tmo farns

Great! - Absolutely love the styling of this skin, its fantasticly sleek and the best dark compact skin. I have only 1 qualm and its a pretty ennoying one.You canno double click it to make it go into small mode, and to my frustration the playlist doesent even have a button to go into small mode which if it did would ake this skin perfect. If anyone knows a way to change this please say.Thanks Will - August 25, 2008 by will no

color - Easier for me to see. The contrasting of the black and the blue. - August 19, 2008 by Carolyn Sheetz

clear, transparent - This is a great, clear and transparent skin! Well done! - June 14, 2008 by Joe Trapp

Very slick looking but.... - Needs a load button on the main window, unless I'm missing it's location... - June 5, 2008 by Matt S

Nice one - This is a very good skin. The windows will float into each other, and that effect is very cool. the only drawbacks, I'd say is you don't get Artist Name and Track Name in the ticker at the top. Also, track information and type is not needed in the ticker as it is already permanently shown just below it. - June 1, 2008 by Peter Gilbert