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Avalon Winamp Modern

A simple Modern skin that's easy on the eyes and designed to be functional.

A simple Modern skin that's easy on the eyes and designed to be functional.

A skin designed with usability in mind (at least one can hope so). My third skin to date but first published on Graphics and code for this skin were done entirely by myself.

This skin features 5 custom visualizations (1 is a secret hidden bonus) that have been added to the 2 that come with Winamp for a total of 7 visualizations you can choose from.

Have Winamp minimized? Enable the Notifier and have Winamp show a tiny message on any corner of your monitor that will let you know what you're currently listening to.

This and much more! Grab your copy today!

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December 28, 2004 by Jorge Mancheno930645 downloads

Avalon Winamp Modern - A simple Modern skin that's easy on the eyes and designed to be functional.

Staff review

You know, that comment is true.

The skin is usable, versatile, and functinal. Not particulary original, but well worth downloading.


Wow, i will never need another again! - This just perfect. And all the color themes in it. Thanks very much for this creation.Greetz and kisses Pauline - April 9, 2009 by Pauline1978 Pauline1978

Meh usual glossey chrome crap - Possibly the most under rated skin I've come across, every option is defaulted to off with crappy default color scheme, the number of things you can turn on is awesome. Everything I didn't like I could change and I could turn the gloss off, freaking awesome through sheer options alone. - April 8, 2008 by Hugh McGown

My opinion about this... - This is one of your best skin to my opinion,but there are bugs in it...It stops responding sometimes and Winamp returns to "Winamp Classic" skin.Hope you will check it ,because this skin,and KMS are the best ones!!!(I`m from Romania,that`s why my english my be "corrrupted") - March 24, 2006 by Ustinescu Ionut

cool design... - a very cool design with a friendly interface! Keep it up! Hoping to see more design from you!!! (^_^) - March 1, 2006 by ric tan

Good skin !!!! - . - February 1, 2006 by Javier Ignacio

Avalon Skin - Its a very nice, clear, unique and well done skin. I work with it nearly a year now and its the opposite of boring. Congrats to Jorge. Brilliant work. - January 10, 2006 by Petra F

2J - Very Good, the best skin ............ - January 10, 2006 by Javier Ignacio

Great skin - Very nice skin :-) - December 19, 2005 by Mister Zip

Good - This skin my fovorite... - October 28, 2005 by Omer UYANIK

Close to perfect - Finally a skin which is extremely functional and streamlined yet good looking and versatile. Although there are many other "cool" skins available so many suffer from the same problems: components like buttons and indicators are just too tiny and almost unreadable. This skin retains a nice modern look and keeps components large enough to be useful and easily readable. It also has many nice options and is quite configurable. This is my everyday skin. Kudos for a stellar skin! - September 29, 2005 by Dean Maynard

Nice customizable skin - Excellent skin, only think i don't like is how big the playlist box is. - July 17, 2005 by Jeff Franson

?rt?kletem - The best in my hardest test !! - June 25, 2005 by Katona Janos

Very Tasty! - This skin is by far the best looking and easiest to use. It's multiple color schemes are very nice to have instead of the drab one color skins most others offer. - June 17, 2005 by Kyle Harvin

Exelent but drone and akunaki are best - Its good exept, i dont like the display - May 20, 2005 by Sandar Kleven

Nice skin with many details done "right" - I'm a sucker for skins with unique customization options. I especially appreciate being able to configure the auto hide/show of parts of the interface. A good variety of player modes gives it some versatility. Buttons and icons express their functions clearly. What I love most is the Video window. All the controls and info I want for watching videos is contained in a single window. This makes it easier to use, and makes no need for any of the other windows to be open/visible. For some reason I am greatly impressed with the stylish way you were able to fit the video size options and scrolling file info on a single row... on top of the fact that it was collapsable too. Overall, a clean design that's easy to use and easy on the eyes. Only thing keeping me from using this regularly is due to the fact that it's a bit too large for my tastes; maybe with a bit of trimming to the time, vis, and buttons would do the trick. And throwing in a bit more of that contract/collapse & auto-hiding wouldn't hurt either hehe. But if I were to use a skin for watching movies exclusively, yours would be it. Nice work. - May 20, 2005 by Mo Shun

There is none better. - Some one has to be number one and this one is it. An absolutely fantastic skin. Way more than just a pretty face, this skin is actually useful. The configuable pop up that announces songs is an absolute joy. Any serious skin should include this great little feature. Additionally the choice of colors is jaw dropping. More than colors it's eye candy. The only down side is that it suffers from what evey skin suffers, a lack of a clear basic menu on the skin. So the menu on the button task bar has to suffice. However the skin does have a ton of skin configurations that is astounding. I found this skin more useful and fun than the official default Winamp skin. For those users who are unable to get this to run, I really feel sorry for you because in my book this is the best. - April 29, 2005 by david lewis

Almost perfect - This is a very nice skin, the best modern skin i have used IMO. Lots of colours, plenty of settings etc. Just a few things i would like to see in the next revision before i give it the full 5 stars. -Glow effect on the playlist window buttons as they are really hard to read on the dark colours. -Allow the media library to me resized smaller as atm it can only be resized down to a certain point. (which is too big for my liking) -The popup 'now playing' script crashes on my system if i set it to 'never' -Maybe a more traditional seek slider when the main window is minimised to the bar as its kinda hard to see now. Anyway, great skin, I love it. keep up the good work. - March 25, 2005 by matt maxwell

good - good - March 24, 2005 by mb10433 mb10433

Simply good ! - Good overview, easy handling, nice features ... so far one of my favourite skins :-) - March 20, 2005 by Marcus We

Avalon Winamp Modern - One of the nicest skins I've seen in a while. Nice fade in and out on the song change.....Good work Jorge - March 3, 2005 by Alan Alda

I love it! - What a wonderful beautiful it is! I love it so much! - March 2, 2005 by Rati Krawin

good - very ggggg - February 24, 2005 by www zz

Amazing - Amazing, and a lot of fun! - February 24, 2005 by David Spencer

good - very good - February 21, 2005 by hilman ferdinand - Extremely clean!!! We at give it two thumbs way up! - February 20, 2005 by OuterQuest Vincent

Doesn't work - It's probably me, but as there are more people like me out there, there is a chance the darn thing just will not work so WinAmp will default to the default 'skin'. - February 20, 2005 by LordFox Harderwijk

Awesome... - Simply and beautifully...Awesome :) - February 20, 2005 by Laine Rose

Great!! - My new favorite... - February 20, 2005 by Jason Prahl

1.0 - 60 Reviews - February 19, 2005 by lertrat somsrivilairat

Great skin!! - Great skin!! Very clean, stylish and easy to use. Finally a skin where one does not have to guess where the control buttons are!! Grim - February 19, 2005 by Gunnar Schwede

THE best - simply the bests skin & effects i've never seen...thanks a lot !!! - February 17, 2005 by icare olivier

Avalon - My favorite skin - Thank you very much for this clearly arranged, high quality full skin of my first choice. It gives me all the features on one Look that I need and makes Winamp look pretty valuable and high-class. - February 17, 2005 by Christian Winkler

opinion - This is great skin, but it's one bug: - the center position of the ballance isn't center on this scrollbar. - February 16, 2005 by be Spec

I never EVER write reviews... Until now - Hey guys.... why isnt this skin your DEFAULT skin?! Ive never seen, in the world or cheap utilities and silly add-ons, something so classy, so well thought... You really did a good job Jorge! The carbon fibre effect of the frame! The glowing buttons and the fantastic translucid screen that shows up one a track changes... even the default screen colour! If you could only get a hold of the itune's aluminium effect... you would kick serious ass, and if winamp didnt pay you big money... (and setting it as a default skin!) they would be loosing even more!... Why my raving comments? cause I downloaded the light version of winamp and when I saw Avalon, I HAD to upgrade... Its just such a neat and smart piece of design. Keep up the good work Alonso Blanco-Velo MSc - February 16, 2005 by Alonso Velo

Avalon 1.0 - No coments. I am an amateur only, looking in this miracles what human brain invents with wide open eys and mind, trying to get down from the shoulder of the Herous. Look at this Winamp and other additions!!! Simply-Amazing! I knew Windows Media Player untill Winamp. Winamp lunched me where I didn't think I could go. Avalon is affirmation for my impressions. Thx Ched - February 13, 2005 by Cedomir Vidakovic

Best Skin I have Ever used! - It is so Easy to use. This advanced features such as the pop-up song title notifier, custom visuals, and the super clean layouy. This is the perfect skin for me, and you too. Get it now, you will not be sorry. - February 12, 2005 by Justin Pedersen

Very good skin - I've been downloading skins for nearly 4 years now. And this is a very good skin.Easy to read and use,good colors sweet layout...all in all I would give this skin a 8 out of ten - February 11, 2005 by Tony Cunningham

Crash and Burn - This skin made my Dell computer run at 100% CPU usage the whole time i had it. I deleted it and suddenly no more problems... It is definately not a coincidence, so be careful if you download it (it still is cool looking with some nice features). - February 9, 2005 by Dave Murphy

OK REALLY WHIPS THE LLAMAS ummm - OK after I uninstalled my corrupted Winamp and installed it again, the skin works unlike before where it has "an error" and restarts my computer (also happened with other skins when Winamp was corrupted). THIS SKIN WHIPS THE LLAMA's err um, democratic symbol! - February 9, 2005 by Bobby G

Smooth 'n' Stylish - Wonderful! This is stylish, compact and easy to use. Great layout and the carbon-like frame over the smooth silver bars gives it a very modern look, exellent choice of colors, very sleek. Avalon and the Syncrosect skin are by far the best ever designed for Winamp! 5/5 - February 8, 2005 by Steve Gaskell

My Fovourite - For me! the most cool skin for winamp. I used 50 o more and it is the best. Very detailed and animated info and settings. TEN POINTS. Congratulations for Author. Samuel - February 6, 2005 by Samuel Castillo

The Best - The Best - February 6, 2005 by robin biro

Awesome! - Awesome skin, very user friendly. I love the color themes and the notifier. :) - February 6, 2005 by Philip White

bug - hey man, nice skin. But there's a bug when you move the windows when they're docked. When the playlist window is docked with the main window and you grab the main window titlebar to move everything, the playlist window flickers and slowly drifts away from the main window to be lost off to the right of the screen. This is really annoying. I can get around it by moving the playlist first and then the main window. otherwise it's a great skin. keep up the good work. Sorry for the low rating but that bug just pisses me off. - February 6, 2005 by Ian Watt

awesome skin - Well done, has all the features. - February 6, 2005 by dvddecrypter dvddecrypter

Lubly - Yo all you hardcore Winamp freaks out there! Ok enough of that cactus. For my lil' review on this skin, I have to say that its a bit stale on the round edges, unless you have a black background. I dont like the fact that all the images that 'advertise' this skin on Winamp don't actually portray how the rounded edges work in real-world. bloody tease! I can't complain on anything else though! The movement is smooth; the colour selection is awsum and well shaded! Trully stunning - and well everything works well together. One thing is though - I have to rely on my video window to control the playback position if my equilizer is active/open. Thats a bit of a shit. but besides the rough edges and the EQ problem, I have to say its great! - February 3, 2005 by Paul von Hoesslin

Great Look and Feel - Really like the pop up window at bottom right giving song information. Needs to include internet radio information though. - February 2, 2005 by Martin Pultz

Fix The Notifier! - Love this skin!!!! It's my favourite out of anything so far, because the stick mode is neat, and not loaded with silly things. But as you said, the notifier can cause crashes. Unfortunately my favourite thing about this skin is the notifier and how it scrolls through the song name. I hate having half the song name cut off. I also like that the song title is large on the notifier. Looking forward to the update! - January 31, 2005 by Xobel Qlari

PERFECT! - It's perfect for me!! I LOVE that pop-up thing, colours,etc... thnx! - January 31, 2005 by Danielle Ke

skip - skip - January 30, 2005 by shian guo

Addressing some concerns... - First off, I'd like to thank everyone for their comments and for downloading the skin. I am currently working on the 1.1 update for this skin, which I should have done soon. So far, changes from 1.0 to 1.1 include: - Playlist selection coloring bug fixed - Component icons' tooltips (mouseover the icons on the bottom right of the display) can now be turned on/off. - The opacity of the notifier can be changed. - The opacity of the glass effect (white gradient at the top of the display) can be changed. - The opacity of the display's overlay (gradient that covers repeat, shuffle and component icons at the bottom) can be changed. - The Equalizer can be set to stay on screen, meaning if the player is docked to the bottom of the screen, when you open the Equalizer, the skin will first slide up high enough to show the entire Equalizer, and then open it. This of course can be switched on/off. Those are all the changes I've made thus far, but I may still add a few things. A few of you have said that Winamp crashes when you try to use this skin. I *think* the notifier might be causing problems on some systems (not sure why). Try opening Winamp with this skin, and before you do anything, open the Configuration window (Alt+C), and go to the last page (Page 3 - Notifier Options). Set the notifier frequency to "Never Show" and then try playing something. If it still crashes, let me know. It would also be helpful to know what Operating System you're using when Winamp crashes. If I made it so that the Playlist can be resized to smaller than it can now, the buttons at the bottom (add, rem, sel, misc and manage) would overlay unless I would hide them (like I did with the display) and that's something I'd rather not do. Lastly, the skin was designed the way it was. It looks best when using desktop alpha blending. I know the top looks bad when you don't use it, but what else can I say? Sorry? I believe that's it. Again, thank you all for your comments and the many downloads (never thought this would get so popular). - January 30, 2005 by Jorge Mancheno

Excellent, but a few flaws - Nice, compact, functional etc ...good options as well...however, i've noticed that without the cpu sucking power of the blending option, the edges are *very* jaggedy...far more than any other skin ive had. In addition, it would be far more helpful if the compact playlist editor could be shortened further so that it matches evenly with the main window (non copact)...its a minor detail, but it bothers me that this thing is hanging off the side. - January 29, 2005 by Ender Wiggin

AMAZING! - This skin, in its simplicity, makes it the best skin I've ever downloaded! This is exactly what the doctor ordered. - January 28, 2005 by James McDonald

What the? - This skin looks good, but whenever I play anything it says "Winamp has encountered a problem and needs to close". If I click "Close Program" my computer restarts :( unless I use task manager to end the process and then click close. Is there some way I could fix this problem? Thanks - January 28, 2005 by Bobby G


Agradable, Facil y Util - Pareceria muy simple al principio pero todo esta ahi. De formas simples pero modernas, todos los mandos estan facilmente al alcance. Tiene la excelente particularidad de tener 4 tama?os que permiten su presencia continua. Es muy bueno y muy practico. - January 25, 2005 by olivier BUCHET

Great Stuff !!!! - A great piece of art !!! - January 25, 2005 by Kevin Fafie

crashes and wont run on p3-800 - It looks very nice but it wont run on a p3-800 with 256mb mem.... back to the basics. - January 24, 2005 by Rene Kips

assaf - i open the zip but i did not read anything - January 24, 2005 by assaf mrad

Very Clean - Very nice and clean. - January 22, 2005 by Gary Cook

Goeie poep - best skin ever... - January 20, 2005 by Paul Voncken

Avalon Winamp Modern - cool skin - January 20, 2005 by fisk friskermand

Looks good but ... - Rough edges are plaging this skin from 5 stars. The NP skin looks like it isn't complete, but is a awesome addition to any skin. - January 18, 2005 by Duane Jeffers

Pretty Cool - Looks pretty cool. The only thing I would change is to be able to see the vis. you pick, on the bar across the top of the screen. - January 18, 2005 by Cody Barry

crashhhhhhhhhhhh - crash on my winamp 5.08 - January 15, 2005 by paul lo

Really nice, but it crashes! - I love the design on this, but unfortunately it crashes 5.08 on my system. C'est la vie. - January 13, 2005 by William French

Windows Media Player ? - Looks like a MP3 player. It feels a little like Windows Media Player. Mayby a handy skin for someone thats using WMP for many years, but needs a ohter player. Greetz - January 12, 2005 by Tobias Bosma

One of the Best! - This skin has everything I could ever want, except one little feature. It would be nice it it had an alarm on it too. The Non-step skin has spoiled me. Other than that, this skin is Awsome!. This will be my skin for a while, unless I need that alar for some reason. "As Willow goes, so goes my Nation" ~Oz - January 12, 2005 by Justin Pedersen

Really good i like it alot - just got it 2day and im really impressed with it, good job - January 10, 2005 by Will Solis

A Skin that is functional - This is the first skin, out of hundreds I've tried, that I actually use. Sure, there are skins that look nicer, but they are so detailed, they because unusable. The only complaint i have is the glare effect around the display window. - January 10, 2005 by ryan singley

Nice one! - This is an example how simple skin can be perfect! I've been waiting for this kind of skin for years, so THANKS A LOT!!! - January 10, 2005 by Lukas Kubicek

You are the King - One of the best skin i had ever see.BRAVO!!! - January 10, 2005 by Hercules Giannini

It's gorgeous, but... - ...(a) selecting a track in the playlist renders the title unreadable and (b) the repeat button doesn't work. The notifier is really cute, though. - January 9, 2005 by Steve Gerber

avalon - It's nice. could be better 4 stars - January 9, 2005 by Ana Decoj

nice - Except for the (pretty much) annoying bug aaa sss mentioned in his post, this is one of the nicest skin i've ever seen. The glowing buttons are fine; not to mention the brilliant idea of the notifier pop-up. - January 8, 2005 by p01 ak

It fits my Mustdie XP theme! - It looks great with Dark-Black color scheme, just like i wanted for my new dark win xp visual theme. Thanx. And certainly i have to mention the 'screen' option. Well done!!! - January 8, 2005 by mr zux

how nice !!! - thanks - January 8, 2005 by kiki kiki

The First Good Looking Skin For Winamp - I've never reviewed a skin before, because they're all quite bad. This skin is amazing, really elegant, sleek, and usable. Plus it's obvious that Jorge worked on ALL the details to this skin quite hard. You can see this in how configurable the skin is. For example, I like to have the Volume present always, and the skin allows you to do that. The only negative comment I have is that the "lighting" from the bottom and top wash out the display a bit too much, so for instance in the JPG you almost can't read the Repeat and Shuffle thingers. Or maybe that's configurable and I haven't found it yet? But anyway, thumbs way up, this is the first skin I've liked EVER in the history of Winamp. - January 8, 2005 by Daniel R

Mmmmm.... - Not that great i must admit, it looks and feels more like a Classic Skin. Wouldn't bother with it really. I much prefer the Winamp Modern Default Skin to this. - January 7, 2005 by Mike Mortimer

Oh so close to perfection...[4.89 Stars] - Very nice design. I'd give it 5 stars if there wasn't so much glare effect used on the top of the display (I like this skin enough that I may fix that in Photoshop for my own use). Needs a few more colour schemes added also. AND this skin "crashed" during the time I was applying themes. After the previous reviews I know this is redundant but What's With The PL colour contrast on track select??? Fix that!!! Anyway, this blows away or rivals 98.69% of the skins out there! I think the display is among the best I've ever seen aside from my minor grudge aforementioned above and check out the "Glow" option. I'll actually seek out future updates for this one. Thanks Jorge! Skins like this make Winamp that much more enjoyable. - January 1, 2005 by Steve Monroe

almost perfect.... - my first impresion when i paid more atention to it....i saw a real anoing the playlist when u select an item u wanna play...u can't see the item anymore...cause it has the same coloure as the select really bugs me .....maybe they'll fix this in the new version!!! hope so...this really could of been a really great skin!!! - January 1, 2005 by aaa sss

O_O - Me likey. A LOT. - December 31, 2004 by Cary Summers

Smooth - Very nice skin. It's simple, clean, looks very good. But is it just me or are selected playlist items in practically all color themes unreadable? The bg color for selected items is way too dark... - December 29, 2004 by Siebe .

VERY NICE - the first skin i see with the repeat track option. but it looks nice too. i gave it 5 stars because it looks still nice and its very comfortable. - December 29, 2004 by Martin Hartmann

bright - clear highclass skin with passion for technics. - December 29, 2004 by Dominik Krautschun

K.I.S.S. - This skin stylishly follows The K.I.S.S. rule. "Keep it simple, stupid." I like it - it's easy to use. Unlike some skins, I don't have to keep trying to remember where the controls are. Media library, playlist, shuffle, and the rest are conveniently lined up along the bottom of the screen. Easy to find without cluttering the design. The glow effect of the buttons when the mouse runs over them is wicked hot. I have to say thats my favorite thing about this skin. What can I say - I'm easily amused by things that light up. The extra visualizations of the beat are a nice extra too. I doubt everyone will like the mini pop up window showing the song titles, but I do. My only dis is some of the colour themes arn't so pretty, but thats common with colour themes. The configuration screen is easy breezy to figure out too, and lets you turn off the sexy glow effect if your not in the mood. While its layout isn't terribly original, it is easy to use and still has it's own style. It looks good and is easy to manipulate, plus a few animated extras... what's not to like. - December 29, 2004 by Daerren Clarke

Great Skin - I think I have a new favorite skin. - December 28, 2004 by Petula Gothmuppet

Decent and all that, but... - So, it's a nice skin in all fairness, but one thing that popped to mind at first glance was that, as far as i can see, there are no buttons for shuffle or repeat. Now, they might be hidden or something, but I want them thingies to be visible at all times, since they're quite an important part of the whole program. Oh yeah, and them color themes? Iff... Then, there sure are lots worse skins than this one, I like the work put into the control window and all that. Work it! - December 28, 2004 by mattias nilsson

Clean & Functional - First, mattias nilsson may have missed the Shuffle & Repeat "buttons" in the main screen - they're not buttons... instead they're in the main panel as the words "Shuffle" and "Repeat". I reckon this is a top skin... it's got all the functionality I need, the controls are clean and neat and the skin doesn't take up much screen acreage with useless graphics, nor is it too dark. Check out the Configuration panel - lots of options... this is a small skin with large capabilities. Great work Jorge! - December 28, 2004 by Brad Wyatt

Beautiful - Very nice. I had just gotten used to using and this one tops it. - December 28, 2004 by arikamu ji