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Pro, Rack Mountable & with lots of leds!

Pro, Rack Mountable & with lots of leds!

Introducing ... AudioRack!

A skin based on rack mountable 19" professional audio equipment.

Includes dedicated VU component with switchable bar/dot mode and a bomb proof notifier.

Be like a real pro, give AudioRack a go!

- Tooltips are your friend.
- Click large orange "power" button to close, right click to minimize.
- Response of VUs can be tweaked by adjusting timers resolution. (Preferences > Modern Skins > General tab)

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June 5, 2005 by Thomas Michgelsen280640 downloads

AudioRack - Pro, Rack Mountable & with lots of leds!

Staff review

Old school

Reminds me of some old style analogue control panel, good stuff, although I can't get the windows to snap together which would have been helpful


love it - I have been using this skin for years and i love it it is one of the best skins out's compact yet look like a peace of real hardware .this thing works like a charm - March 11, 2009 by james kendall

YAY! A fine piece of work. - Indeed, there ought to be many many more like it (that are easy to find!) Great job!!! - March 5, 2007 by edison carter

cool....... - Functional and cool looking.Also costs about a grand less than the stuff I have in my real rack! - October 26, 2006 by jamie stich

it is amazing. tnx Thomas.. - simple, useful and cleverly. - June 16, 2006 by aydin yil

hawt-ness - this is absolutely a great skin... thanks for spending ur time on it and making my winamp look pretty =) - February 26, 2006 by shasha _

just great - I think its one of the best skins ever made for winamp. - November 23, 2005 by spyros konofaos

I like audio - Ok, I've always liked proffessional audio equipment, and this one fits into that space. Although the panels feel kind of flat as opposed to a brushed steel sufrace with nice easily pressable buttons of soft plastic. You might also want to add an actual rack?! - September 13, 2005 by Henrik Mj�berg

Awesome work - For being one of the "plain" skins this one floored me. Currently I have it running in the black color with the VU meter stuck below the main window. love how the little window pops up when a new song starts. Great little notifier. Takes a couple minutes to figure everything out on the eq, but that is a minor thing. I spread out my vis window to the width of the player and snapped it to the bottom for a small yet colorful player. If you snap everything to the bottom of the player you need to make sure you move the whole thing by moving the player itself, if you grab the VU meter, all you move is the VU meter. Again a minor thing in my opinion. This is the one "plain" skin in my library that will get used. P.S. just changed colors to one of the lighter shades, made the EQ window much easier to see. Just a note so ya know - July 16, 2005 by Wolf Bringer

Slick - The best representation I've seen yet. My only gripe (sorry!) is that the VU meters could be a bit more responsive. Great work. - July 5, 2005 by Darnell Hughes

Yeeeehaw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Install the real thing, and i won't complain about anything, anymore. Love it, to death do us part. You know what i like most? it's typing this, right here and now, a new song starts to play, the title pops up into my screen (below-right) and disolves.... Respect..... - June 29, 2005 by Alex Israel

Great! - This skin may just become my new standard. And that's high praise. My only complaint is the lack of labels for the toggles (even just a letter or small symbol would do), but that's easy to fix with a picture editing program. - June 7, 2005 by Michael Braedley

hi-tek! - okay, i'm officially amazed. as a sound engineer, i adore the layout of this skin. only thing missing is a vis window. ***** for sure! - June 6, 2005 by mattias nilsson

Review - Excellent job here! There should be alot more of these skins in the data base. Despite the holes around the edges this skin would truely deserve 5 stars in my opinion. That's all i'm looking for somthing plain and simple without all the bloated bells and whistles to hog my resources. Looking forward to seeing more of your work in the future. Keep it up. - June 5, 2005 by David Davis