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Asuka Amp Redux

Asuka Langley Sohyru!

Asuka Langley Sohyru!

A classic Winamp skin featuring the troubled pilot of Evangelion Unit 02. Taken from the Gainax television series Neon Genesis Evangelion. This is the final version of this skin. A lot of improvements have been made, mainly reworking the coloring for the media library and video windows. This skin is compliant with Winamp versions 2.91 and 5.07.

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May 12, 2003 by Edward Lindblom Jr.192308 downloads

Asuka Amp Redux - Asuka Langley Sohyru!

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Azuka es la mejor. - Muy buen skin ya tenia otro de Azuka pero lo tenia hace bastante. Este esta igual de bueno. - July 7, 2008 by Jorge Flores

Nice Auska pic, but not thought out well - Big problem, the play, pause buttons etc are on the white background, and so is the clicker arrow, and so it makes it difficult, chaos ensues!!!Your score has been lowered because of it. - February 29, 2008 by Warren Canavan

!NICE! - Yes, there are better skins, but this one is really NICE. - April 16, 2007 by Valerij Kamov

missed the mark - This could have been a really cool skin, but you've just missed it in many aspects. First off, you FAIL SO MUCH for using Comic Sans as the font. Secondly, while the picture is okay, it's so obstructed by the layout of the features, it doesn't really work. - November 8, 2006 by Madeleine S

Too plain - Too basic, boxy, rectangular -- there are so many cool shapes and sizes that can be made now, why stick to old fashioned boring? - September 20, 2006 by Andrea Schiefer

Asuka The best - I am here new. But after see all skins My opinion is that is the best of all skins. J like Manga skins. Ye, Ye, Ye. - August 28, 2006 by Pawel_Takashi Manczak_Myzrael

Review - GREAT WORK! After I watched the series, Asuka became one of my favorite characters. I love her expression on this skin, it's so perfect. - January 31, 2006 by Kon wa

YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Dude you rock!!!!!!!!!! the best Neon Genesis Evangelion skin yet. - January 20, 2006 by Sean Burton

WHAT CAN I SAY? ONE OF MY TOP 10 - I LOVE THIS GREAAAT WORK! - September 8, 2005 by German Bonfa

I LOVE ASUKA! - Okay, this is one of the coolest skins! Asuka looks so, sad and depressed here! But we know Asuka, give her something to act on and she's all perky again! I love Asuka and this skin! Please make more Asuka skins! - December 7, 2002 by Satsuri Star

Long discussion - the "a-s-u-k-a" replacing the normal "o-a-i-d-v" on the sidebar is a nice touch. as for the whole rei, asuka, shinji, kawuro debate. Well we all have a strong opinion one way or the other, but don't you realize? The reason that we feel so strongly in a certain direction is b/c NG:Evangelion is a great show that digs into our minds and hearts and pulls them willy nilly until we are all divided into to radicalized camps that think that their way is the only way. oh btw Gideaki Anno said pretty much that the best relashonship for shinji is rei since she's the only person he really cares about, but the the ongoing problem oin the series is that he can't be close to her for many reasons (his insecurity, his father, rei's newness to emotions, Eva itself etc.) which is why he feels better off with Asuka or Kaworu or who ever else is nearby. its only a summation and i don't have my eva manga where i live now but i hope you all understand. - November 3, 2002 by Tito Ghio

Beautiful.... - People, why don't you RATE THE SKIN, instead of complaining about the character it themes??? I loved the skin! It's very good, though somethings just look a little cluttered. Oh yeah, by the way, I like Asuka, so there. =o) - July 24, 2002 by Lily Arura

U all make me sick - I love Asuka. And i mean that. Who are u to bad mouth her? Hmmmm? NOBODY!....I have all Asuka related skins and even my desktop has her glowing smile on it. You all need to look at her life and then question how U THE ALL MIGHT "YOU" CAN SAY ANYTHING MEAN ABOUT HER!!!!!! Celena i despise u the most for the troll remark. But wow great skin. Good call Eric. - July 24, 2002 by Aaron Iscrazy

Asuka! - wow this skin is really nice good job. Celena Dasu - you really don't understand Asuka. And you probably haven't been into very much depth in the show. Asuka has a reason to be like that, some people just don't understand the true character. Just like Faye Valentine..people like you get on my nerves - June 18, 2002 by Kikari Kitokume

cute.. - ..but i preferred it the way it was ^_^ - May 10, 2002 by Aya S

good skin, but askua is a b*tch - its a well done skin, but i hate asuka so much. she's so annoying and loud and stupid. oh yeah and she's a troll. - May 1, 2002 by Celena Dasu

AsukaAmp02 - Very good skin! She is in her EvA 02 and very good job. - December 4, 2001 by Pp Pp

Asuka=BIATCH - Even tought she is a bitch,At herat she's a BABE !!!!! - June 18, 2001 by Hansley Lallmon