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Ashen Player

A matching skin for the Ashen VS

A matching skin for the Ashen VS

Yay! My second Modern skin!! This is done with permission from bant and gigatexel. The preview image is done by my sis, jas. Comes with 14 colourthemes and a colour prefs window, try using the Colour Editor to make your own. Notifier enabled.4 modes changeable. Seperate playlist window for use with other modes. Basically similar to my first skin. To get to mini mode click the 'A' below the volume controls. ***[10/6/2009]: added window sizing + doubleclick titlebar to shade or maximize + other tweaks and fixes

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August 31, 2004 by Alvin Chong106340 downloads

Ashen Player - A matching skin for the Ashen VS

Staff review

Nicely done

Follows the styling of the Ashen VS perfectly and is a great skin to boot.


Nice One - Not So Bad, Not So Bad At All. - September 5, 2009 by Joshua Wells

good stuff - been looking for a readable, useable skin for a while now, and, for all that, this is even better than i'd expected. the only feature wanting is some part on the window to which i can drag files for immediate playing, like in other skins. - February 28, 2006 by f e

Nice - Minimal, easy, simple, nice modes, warm, lovely. And yet looks good :) - January 23, 2006 by Antti Ruokomaeki

O yeah - This is worth 5 stars. A skin that is actually useable, and looks good. I'm a fan of the minimalistic so yes. Check out this skin you wont be dissapointed. However, the ONLY thing I could find wrong with this skin is the Notifier Posistion. I have my taskbar at the top of the screen, and when you choose to place the notifier at the Top Right, it goes over the taks bar, covering system tray icons.An extremely minor annoyance indeed. Check it out. - September 21, 2005 by Joel D

Wow - I don't usually sign up to things on the internet, but I signed up to this site just so I could say how awesome this skin is. In your preview picture, I'm using the first view but maximised and I have to say it looks absolutely fantastic. Great job! - September 14, 2005 by Constantin Cerdan

Cool, but contrastless, and "Why Ashen?" - I like this skin, it's simple, readable and 'almost' my 'look of my hearth'. I'd only like to have some lighter and higher-contrast color scheme. And the last but not least - "Why Ashen?" - I remember this word from StarGate TV show as a name of wannabe-friendly alien race who wanted mankind become estinct making us sterile... - April 24, 2005 by Bohuslav Roztocil

Very nice - Clean and looks good. - April 10, 2005 by Kyle Action Stadler

v.v.Nice - Love the skin, even though i have no idea what ashen is! One thing, when use the shortcut S to toggle shuffle on or off the image does not update until you hover over it Good job! - March 16, 2005 by Carey Baird

Great skin (but it doesn't show remaing time) - Great work!! Here with Winamp 5.08 it doesn't show the remaining time when selected - the elapsed time is always shown. This works with other skins. - March 7, 2005 by Joerg Eichhorn

SooO0oo)0oOOo good - I have downloaded almost EVERY skin and this is EASILY the best one i have ever soon... the funny thing is it was the second skin i ever D/L'd :P - February 13, 2005 by beej smith

The best skin out there!!! - It didn't seem so good when i first saw some piktures but when I first used it it was great. It is great looking and very easy to handle. - January 13, 2005 by Farralla Pettersson

Very nicely done - Very well put together, It makes me want to start making skins. The colour themes are amazing, Personally Red Eclipse is the best out of all of them. - January 2, 2005 by Magickal Hack

Lost twin? - It looks much like the first skin found on here. Else I think the old one and the new one got about good uability, when you first get a grip on how things works. - November 19, 2004 by Thor Flugheim

impressive - really nice skin... in fact its the second modern skin i've been ever using. and it fits codename: opus VS just perfectly :) - October 7, 2004 by Kuba Bogaczewicz

Fantastic Skin - Great skin, just the right size to sit comfortably on the title bar, not too long and it has a volume control. Fantastic. - September 30, 2004 by Stubben H

I love it - The Main and Playlist windows are the only ones I use most of the time, so I love to see a skin that integrates them. The precise seek bar is a real plus as well. The only thing is, I'd like to see a set of controls and a seek bar on the video window, as it's the on;y other window I use. If that's integrated, you'll get that last star from me. Aside from the lack of control in the video window, this is a great skin. I really like what you've done here. Keep up the good work. :-) - September 27, 2004 by jook c

five stars - I also have a new default skin! (The first time I changed from default winamp skin to another one for longer than a few days!) I love the exact seeker, how the well-formed buttons fit to the colour theme, 4 modes so everyone finds his/her favourite, good notifier... You only get four stars from me because the prev/next buttons are messed up in lite mode, and there are too few color themes. It should be possible to view the total track time and to switch between time played and time remaining. And I miss a small integrated vis and above all a vis plugin button! Keep up the good work! - September 6, 2004 by Egon Buchenberg

Why the trouble? - why download a skin like this one when you have a beautiful modern skin by default ? this skin don't worth the trouble - September 4, 2004 by Maher Korek

Minimilistic and smooth. - I love it. I only wish there was an olive green color. Actually There could be alot more color themes for this.. this is a great skin. would be even better with more color options. Overall though, its superb. - September 4, 2004 by graig smith

AWSOME. - This is my new default skin. I use the theme, and I LOVE this! I've been looking for a good new skin for months now and I've finally found it! Keep up the good work man! - September 3, 2004 by Scott Kuehnert

One Minute Review - This rating is based on the one minute that I used this skin. THE BAD: The first thing I noticed about this skin was the six unnamed ugly dots on the upper right hand side of the playlist. No icons, no labels, just push and pray. THE GOOD: Pretty much everything else: the skin is simple, yet elegant and functional. THE UGLY: The color themes are just horrid. BOTTOM LINE: Skin with a lot of potential. - September 2, 2004 by Bidit Mazumder

Elegant and Usable! - We need more skins like this one, that place usability ahead of goofy visuals. I love the simple layout, clean look and elegant default colors. I almost always use my player with playlist window shown; Ashen is the first skin I've seen that fully endorses this approach. It's also the FIRST (!!!) skin I've EVER downloaded that's usable at 100% resolution on my 1600x1200 screen. About time! (Skin designers must be the only people out there still running their displays at 800x600. Time to buy some new tubes, folks.) Not a big deal, but if I could, I'd deduct a 1/2 star for not showing total track time. Some skins do; Ashen doesn't. It's awfully useful when planning a CD burn... - September 1, 2004 by Frank Lenk

Whoa! - Lovin' it. Nice stuff. - September 1, 2004 by ChrisP Bacon

Kickass! - I have looked for a skin that looked like the Classix 10k and Classix Player. I like both skins, but they lack something. Smoother edges and a more apealing design. This skin delivers all my needs to customize my winamp. - September 1, 2004 by Andreas Won't share it