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Anaheim Player 01

2nd skin for

2nd skin for

Anaheim Player 01

Haro from Gundam

"Haro" and "Anaheim Electronics" are from Gundam series.
Gundam (c) Bandai/Sunrise/Sotsu Agency.

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April 8, 2007 by takanory .1028692 downloads

Anaheim Player 01 - 2nd skin for

Staff review

Interesting, but a bit more was expected.


Great design, easy to use. - February 4, 2011 by Diana Copindean

Very higt quality. thq. - November 8, 2010 by [email protected]

really neat, wish to see more from the creator - April 19, 2010 by Meka Keisei

Design is Neat - The concept is tremendous and the compactness of the skin is a plus. But the player itself is essentially a basic design, though each dial has enough space for clarity. - June 22, 2009 by richard

uh having a bit of trouble - sorr to ask this but i'm having some trouble downloading it and wanted to know if you could help me out here? - June 15, 2009 by williamskr77

mits - super - December 13, 2008 by wwwmalush wwwmalush

super - Is cool:-) - October 23, 2008 by Sylwia Katarzyna

. - . - August 25, 2008 by MaZa HaKa

i know how to change a colour ... - in a "options" window zou can see 2 colours : black and white, if you look down you will see Change color of Main, you need to click your mouse button on the symbol of the Sun (first in the line) - August 23, 2008 by Anna P

=D - goood!! - May 17, 2008 by troy punkrock

:] - I cant download this skin :\, but he look very cute :} - May 10, 2008 by didzhiaake didzhiaake

interesting - It is cool - March 31, 2008 by Olga Bukina

Very Nice - Diferent from all skins i saw, its realy Nice job - March 30, 2008 by Emad Ali

good - good - March 15, 2008 by Giorgi ozbetelashvili

pretty slick - I'm impressed with this, the large and small interfaces are well organized and easy to follow. The animation is cool to watch even in games...if you try this skin while gaming be sure to disable alpha blending, you'll get a better result. - March 13, 2008 by Chris V

dizilla - WoW!!!Your skins are beautiful!!!WoW!!! - February 20, 2008 by John Mnemonik

Cool - Realy cool, haro ruls - February 5, 2008 by Ricardo Sorto

m - m - February 5, 2008 by Caroline M F

hipolitorj - Im brazilian. Help ! How to change the color ? - January 28, 2008 by Bruno Hiplito

? - its a nice skin but how to change color on it? cant change the face? - January 26, 2008 by Simon Harrington

mohmed - yes - January 21, 2008 by mohmed elasaman

HA HARO =D OH GOD I REALY FIND A GOOD SK - I LOVE THIS SKIN REALLY, ist diferent from all skinds its realy to much goodNice job, i hope you make more jobs from gundam (a Hi Nu gundam ;)) - January 20, 2008 by Amuro Ray

WTF!!! HARO!!!! - This thing is awesome!! Yeah, it has some problems.....but i don't see anyone else makin Gundam stuff. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!! - August 31, 2007 by Kratos McKillemall

Wow! - It's funny and functional.Who could ask for more? - August 20, 2007 by Chufi Neta

[email protected] - Verry cool ! 5 Stars ! But i wan`t to change the color ! - August 5, 2007 by jm3ch3ru005 anonimus

amigo - Jesat przebojowa,szkoda tylko,e dwa kolory. - July 28, 2007 by Amigo Wiesaw

!!! - The best - July 25, 2007 by Levadnaya Vika

Astonishing!!! - I just can't tell you how much I love this skin. WUNDERBAR!!!Can't wait for more from the same skin designer! - July 22, 2007 by sandu usandutz

cool - very cool!!!!! - July 19, 2007 by xhaxhi giagi

theunfor - this is one of the best skins that Ive ever seen; it will be much better if we put in the control windows (equalizer,etc.) appereance, some appereance that could combine with the principal view (the one that is animated too) and I think it will be a perfect skin, and why not?? to put the song I am listening while the little "sphere" is "singing" - June 29, 2007 by Jose Triana

amazing - this is a great skin. I LOVE IT. the animation is cute and the color schemes are nice. i don't mind that there's no stop button. i prefer pausing anyway. - June 27, 2007 by raymond on

knight - coll animated skin and portable vork for smaill and full mode ;-) - June 20, 2007 by knightrider knightrider

Unique as modern skins go - This is a very interesting design to say the least. But I don't know why the tool tips don't pop up while a song is playing. I put the pointer over a function but get no tool tip. When the song is stopped or paused, the tool tips appear. Also, if there is a stop button on it somewhere, I haven't found it yet. - June 20, 2007 by Jack Sanders

it's great.. - quite the skin & i like it already after it appears without gliching my laptop. i expects more from the designer in the future to form others anime skins for winamp. - May 26, 2007 by Annoury Salam

DAMN TERRIFIC - Its gorgeous, specially when the little theme is animated with the music.dont read more reviews, DOWNLOAD IT RIGHT AWAY AND SEE FOR UR SELF!!!I like it ALOOOOOOOOOT!!Winamp is the best, ...I even deleted my windows media player ...hehe - May 23, 2007 by Ahmad Diab

Very cool - Yes, this is for a girly me. Good job anyway! - May 21, 2007 by bordergirl hempville

Cute!!! - Das Teil ist wirklich süüüüsssss. Und sieht sehr gut aus. Bis ich rausgefunden habe wie es funzt hat aber ein ganzes Stück gedauert, hätte mir mehr Anleitung erhofft. Egal habs rausgefunden. Und für alle anderen die rätzeln. Zum animieren den Kreis (O) zwischen << und >> to animate push the circle (O) between << and>> zum Farbwechsel klickt auf die kleine Sonne im OP - Color - Menü, wo ihr Schwarz und Weiss auswählen könnt. to change the color of this funny thing click the little sun in the OP - color - menu, there where you can select black and white. - May 17, 2007 by Ivonne Borchert

gchg bhfuj - yjfuj - May 16, 2007 by ravi jaan

acc. - very good - May 5, 2007 by magoo nash

AWESOME!! ***** - very nice! great graphics, easy to use menus, fantastic color choices, and i LOVE how the haro "sings" in time to the music in minimized mode! :D a definite MUST-HAVE for any Gundam/Seed/Destiny fan!! - May 3, 2007 by eiko chu

problem please help - i have downloaded the skin it looks good but there is only white for the main thing and white and black for the menus why? - May 3, 2007 by darius lapunas

:) - Sooooo cute!! I SEND IT EVERYWHERE WHRER I CAN !! - May 2, 2007 by Jendker Jendkeros

Best skin I've seen yet - So why did I only give it 4 stars, this is because (1) tooltips only partially working, all buttons should have them (2) skin colour options, all colours should be listed rather than having to cycle through the list via the star button (3) skin colour should apply to ALL windows not just the main player rather than only being able to make the other windows black/white (4) some buttons appear to do nothing, i.e. left facing arrow on the ticker (when player in small mode). Those are the 4 most obvious problems to me. Something I would like to see is the ability to rotate the player so that you can have it facing you or facing to the right also instead of just to the left. But other that those things an awesome job was done on this skin, and will probably be the only one I use from now on. BTW looks awesome when used with Geiss 2 vis in desktop mode. - May 2, 2007 by Darren Gerbrandt

cool - Very nice skin! Color themes can be adjusted by clicking sun-like icon in skin options-menu (I couldn't figure it out at first...). - May 1, 2007 by Aga G

Awesome - I recently downloaded this skin from Winamp and I absolutely love it. I suppose it helps if you're a girlie-girl, because it is soooo cute. It has many different colors to choose from and is very user friendly. I love the mini version and the fact that when you select the equalizer, it moves in time with the music. This one is wonderful. I haven't downloaded any other ones yet, but I'm sure I will!! - April 30, 2007 by Alisha Whalen

kool - the skin is verry kooll,but i have just 2 colors,how can i get the rest of color themes??? please help mee - April 29, 2007 by Sendroiu Razvan

anaheim player. - I have been reading the user opinions for this particular skin for many weeks now. I find that some people who download this skin are unable to get it animated because neither is it mentioned in the hints or help for the skin, nor has the developer mentioned it anywhere. I feel this is a bit of negligence on the part of the developer. However to all people who download this skin, just press the "o" button located between the "<<" and ">>" buttons during playback. I feel the developer should add a note in this regard in the about page. - April 28, 2007 by partha raychoudhuri

Muy bue no - La verdad este es lejos; el mejor skin que vi de WINAMP en toda la historia. Espero que agregues los otros colores y lo pases a castellano y si me podes mandar algun avance antes seria mucho mejor. Bueno gracias y suerte. - April 28, 2007 by hugo stone

The funniest skin ever ! - At last a skin really funny, allied with simplicity. I really love it. - April 28, 2007 by hate spam

Best skin ever - This skin is by for the coolest skin ever made. The animation is cool and it's easy to use. I love it. - April 28, 2007 by Adam Sovanski

problem! - That's a perfect skin but I can't change the color help please!! :( - April 27, 2007 by TheLady deSade

Bud - Cool Skin! But like someone else pointed out how do you get the animataion to work??? - April 27, 2007 by Bud S

whaaaat - How I can get this thing animating? Anyway it looks cool :P - April 25, 2007 by Karl Puidet

COOL - This is the best!! - April 24, 2007 by Eliyoreb Cordoba

Cool Skin! - I like the feel of this skin but I was hoping to see a little animation during playback, at least. Nice colours. - April 23, 2007 by Nigel Franco

Cool, nice mini-mode - I like it. I like the mini-mode, good mouseover animation there, and I like the ticker, and the way it slides up and down. I couldn't get the "mouth" open/close animation to happen at all. I'm assuming that's because I have minimize/restore animation disabled in Windows. It would be nice if the animation in this skin didn't rely on that, but I don't know if that's even possible. The tooltips are buggy and don't always work. The ticker in mini-mode needs to be resizable, and should also resize the visualizer. It's kind of tiny. The EQ window also needs to be resizable. Need a better mechanism for changing main color, instead of just that tiny button. And there need to be more color schemes for the windows besides just black and white. I'd also like to see a better beat visualization. Maybe have the ears flop with the beat. That'd be cool. Even if left the way it is, the beat visualizer could also be a bit less choppy. I still give this 5 stars though, because it looks great while still being very practical and usable. Big and pretty when you want it to be, but can also be small and still pretty when you want that. Those are what make a great skin. Nice job. - April 23, 2007 by Hillel Aftel

rejoice, Gundam Fans! - That includes me.awesome skin overall and cool animation. and as a gundam fan gotta give 5. would be nice if got option to either animate to follow the music, or just a normal open/close animation like in the pic. i would just love to leave it in a corner of my screen and watch it open/close - April 21, 2007 by natsukon hermes

good one there. - This is very well done modern skin for Winamp. at first when i saw 3.3xMb i think "how the heck this can be so big, wonder if it can run on my PC" but then it run smooth, very nice! The animation very smooth, But first thing make me not rating this 5 was: 1. as you can look at the preview image. the bg for song title of big mode was not really clean, it some how get over the outline (the shell of Haro) 2. the "eyes" as if you can call that two holes is "eyes" they can have a volume meter. So i just suggest there function like one for right channel volume meter and other for the left one, and they can glowing and changing color randomly by rhythm's musics. But users still can able to turn off if that make their PC to slow (now day PC can hand it pretty much, but still can't forget it). And can changing color by using RGB or HSL slide bar control color(SBCC) in Skin Option, of course users can using random choosing color for "eyes" or manually. 3. The color was quite nice but it will more fun when users (we) can changing it directly by RGB or HSL over (SBCC) in Skin Options With all that new functions, Anaheim Player (haro from Gundam) can come to version 2. hope this help in upgrade the skin. - April 21, 2007 by Kaanehimi Mizuhofan

kewl - i liked are there other vertions comming,but im a gundam fan so ya. p.s if there are others i suggest more opions for interactivity - April 21, 2007 by Joshua Constantineau

Holy Cats That's Cute... - Normally I try to restrain myself from throwing good reviews at limited novelty designs, but this one is too damn cute not to. I'm not sure what "Haro from Gundam" is, but whatever this thing is I'm sure it has art toys made of it, and if not, someone should literally make one exactly as the skinner has done. Like an egg timer that plays music, and wobbles around. It's so cute I just cacked myself. (the cacking, though pitiful to admit, pushed it from 4 to 5. It's too cute and would sell by the boatload) - April 19, 2007 by Ike Eisenhower

good - very nice - April 17, 2007 by milan nikolic

Pretty dang good - except for one thing... - Love the skin and it works nearly perfectly. The animation thing is pretty neat too. However, I'm a little annoyed at how you did the color change for the player. I like to leave open my playlist window as well as another plugin for lyrics and the white really doesn't match any of the other colors of Haro. I think it'd be best if you make those match and then you'd get five stars from me. But nice start on this. :) - April 16, 2007 by Mike Perry

Cool - Sweet Job, I really think you went well above in this endeavor! Should have had 5 stars from staff. - April 14, 2007 by Skin Consortium

3D kicks ass. - Damned amazing, anything 3D gets my vote. :D - April 14, 2007 by Chris Down

Nice! - It's refreshing to see new things, and looks so funny while animated. - April 13, 2007 by ware 4me

Lo Mejor de Lo Mejor - Hola, Este skin ha sido el mejor, por que el mejor...? pues por que no solo cumple con todas las opciones que nos da winamp, sino que tambien su estilo moderno, fresco y joven hace que no sea un simple reproductor sino que tambien podamos entretenernos visualmente... Muchas Gracias por ese skin, es excelente...¡¡¡ - April 13, 2007 by Diego Montoya

Anaheim Player - Hey Kat Vixen, let me assure you that the animation on the about page is not there just to attract people. It really works. Just hit the "o" button above the "play" button when some music is playing and watch what happens. I feel this animation is mind blowing. It is the most amazing animation I have ever seen in any winamp skin. The Winamp staff reviewer said "A little more was expected." I don't know what more was being expected. Most people would not know about this feature because it is not mentioned in the hints or the developer's own note. I personally feel 5 stars are too few for this skin; it deserves at least 20. I would like everyone who installed this skin to post his / her comments. - April 12, 2007 by partha raychoudhuri

color? animation ? - I do love the look and feel of this skin , However i feel a little mis-leaded. Only color that work are black and white. The animation may just be to get my attention, on the about page. I know that Skins can have a feature to make them "mini". That Feature could easily have been used to make Haro close and still play music. I am looking for V 2.0 ! - April 10, 2007 by Kat Vixen

wow - this winamp skin is so cool ^^ its awsome - April 9, 2007 by jin nhim