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Alyson Hannigan Hottie Amp V2

First winamp3 skin. Alyson Hannigan.

First winamp3 skin. Alyson Hannigan.

My first winamp3 skin updated once again by moving the location of the songbar, adding alpha blending, and fixing little things :-D The last one you guys put on here was the old one after I updated it!! Hope enough people enjoy it so that it was worth the effort. Windows are skinned and different color themes to choose from.

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November 5, 2002 by James Nikolai239258 downloads

Alyson Hannigan Hottie Amp V2 - First winamp3 skin. Alyson Hannigan.

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Alyson Hannigan Hottie Amp


still not neckid' - bitches! - November 8, 2003 by zogg noff

tastful, and mario is a tard - very well done, needs a little work with the rendering and such. a few more pics would be nice too - October 24, 2003 by ivan n

Cute - Nice color combination. - August 21, 2003 by Pato Vamp

Hope enough people like it... - Hope enough of you like it :-). Be on the lookout for my 7th generation Celica skin with tons of customization options, coming out soon ;-) - July 3, 2003 by James Nikolai

Crashes Winamp3... on top of that, - I think someone just got beaten with an ugly stick. Well, more like pulverized, bitchslapped, and decimated by an ugly stick. - April 17, 2003 by Fr0zeN KnighT

finally a lil justice fer willow - very nice man very nice just needs a lil more somethin .... and definately needs color themes - April 6, 2003 by bugsy whit

Oh my GOD! - Your first, I see. I hope it's your last - April 3, 2003 by Michael Arnold

Very nice - It would be nice if the subsidiary windows (playlist, etc.) were better-integrated, but the main player is very aesthestic ^_- and well-executed. And anyone who says you're a pervert should consult his doctor for a recto-cranial extraction procedure. - January 18, 2003 by Tom Maddox

Buffy - Since you made an Alyson Hannigan Winamp, you must watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer or at least heard of it. Could you make a Buffy (Sarah Michelle Gellar) one? I really want a Buffy one, no offense to Alyson, because I can't find one here. That would be great, thanks. - December 25, 2002 by Nick N!

shove your morals up your ass - mike miller you're gay aren't you. - December 15, 2002 by andrew dean

Love the subject... - I love Alyson Hannigan, and it's a good picture of her, but the quality overall is kinda low - rough edges, confusing button layout. Still, I like the unusual shape and the equalizer balloon. As for that guy Mike Miller, I didn't know that the Amish were even allowed to USE computers, much less get on the internet... - December 13, 2002 by Alex Thompson

Winamp user - This is very well done! I really enjoy this skin, I will watch for more skins by you. Thanks for a good job - November 10, 2002 by John Lewis

is ok - hey man i dont know wuts really wrong with it but it is missing something ill get back to u when i find out - October 27, 2002 by justin schock

Alyson Hannigan Hottie - beautiful skin , thank you with made this skin. - October 25, 2002 by Christian Airkovic

it really sucks - this skin really sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!! - October 13, 2002 by mario rodriguez

Great Subject Matter! - Unfortunatly, the skin still looks flat :( - October 12, 2002 by chris mcneese

Chick from American Pie...I think - Good skin a pretty good shot of the girl who loves playin with flutes from American Pie..Well made skin...Nice dress see through, where are the flutes at though...o i think i see it - October 5, 2002 by b b