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new version to replace old version bugging

new version to replace old version bugging

faithful reproduction of the autoradio Alpine 9243R
- more colors
- more functions
- no bug

hard work on this skin ^^

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March 18, 2006 by Ben SisTeck1133790 downloads

Alpine9243Ramp - new version to replace old version bugging

Staff review

Groovy looking car stereo skin, good work on this skin all round.


Awesome dudd...awesome....This is how a skin should be....Bumped into this winamp skin-in after years...But it was worth...being a car audio lover...i ll enjoy it to the max.....One request....dude I use CDA-9884, can u make one..would be grateful...cheers mate....thanks again - September 22, 2010 by Panxe

Good - I think that is very good skin for winamp,it is small,compact,everything you need ! - April 27, 2008 by Vulko Gekov

Yeaah - Nice design - November 12, 2007 by patrick bootz

az - it`s very good - July 26, 2007 by pavel vlahov

Is the best - I've got the Alpine in my own car and yuur skin is the same as orginal but I need the red wersion :) - June 16, 2007 by Tomasz Bartkw

Great skin! - This is prime example of a good skin. It's user friendly and functional. I feel like I'm rolling down the highway bumpin'. - April 29, 2007 by Sjon Jones

man it's cool - very very good job. I need a newer alpine. This one is old but very nice job!!! - March 9, 2007 by zmiennik zmk

Alpine - Wow its so cool and at the same time easy to use way to go guys thumbs up - March 8, 2007 by st33f malossi

cool device - ove the way it looks its really sleek just like the one in my car love it alot thanks for making it a SKIN. - March 5, 2007 by henry mcneil

Alpine is the best make Alpine cda-7864 in winamp skin - Alpine is the best more skin all radio alpine in winamp skin - January 1, 2007 by J F

COOL - Good working,nice looking,well done! I think there are no bugs! :)) - December 27, 2006 by george todorov

Schweitnesss - Really Friggin schweit, gimme more, yur good at makin skin! (that sounds kinda odd) }<))))*> - December 24, 2006 by Fish Fish

Truly a work of art. - The best replica of alpine to date. Very functional. No bugz - December 19, 2006 by mark mark

Great - My favorite one on WinAmp! Looks really great and works fine - October 25, 2006 by Caspar Smit

Clean - man this is hella nice..keep up the goood work =D - July 2, 2006 by Hak Eng

good looking - A good looking skin, well laid out, and looks like my car radio. Well done. - June 20, 2006 by Aero Tech846

alpifantastic - my car radio in my pc! ALPIFantastic. - June 9, 2006 by carlos ferreira

COOL - it's really - June 7, 2006 by Vasily Fedotov

cool! - its like your car stereo in the pc nice!!! - June 7, 2006 by Tom lee

Alpina player - cool my mp3 alpine player - May 17, 2006 by karolis zelvys

Geilo - Dein Skinn ist einfach super , geilomatico. Mehr kann man nicht sagen. - May 6, 2006 by Barbara Olivia31

About this - Pretty good,but does it have a balance slider?! - March 28, 2006 by Ustinescu Ionut

Awesome - 5 Stars best skin i've seen i must say, finally one worthy of replacing MMD3 - March 23, 2006 by Tristan M

Max - Just one word: PERFECT! - March 22, 2006 by Valerius Max

:) - good - March 21, 2006 by matic ilovar