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Akura GT Remix

Featured Skin, August 7, 2003.

remixytypegoodness ;P This skin was made for the 1001winampskins remix contest (which hasnt been judged yet) - it is a remix of neko's 'akura GT'.The skin is fully 2.9 compatible, with custom cursors and mikroamp, hope you enjoy using it ^.^

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August 7, 2003 by caz kitteh141097 downloads

Akura GT Remix - Featured Skin, August 7, 2003.

Staff review

Akura with a different flavor.

Nice work, while keeping the elements of the original in focus.


gets the 5! - my future skin :D - August 26, 2004 by Ringo H.

Akura mix! - Ah, yes. This skin is awesome! Very nice work indeed. One of the best, if not THE best. :o) - September 23, 2003 by Pete Morton

Shucky Ducky - Quack Quack ... This is my Ducks Fav Skin ! Nice Job - September 6, 2003 by David Goodman

very nice.. - Great skin :) kicks (just not punching) :-) - August 28, 2003 by armin elec

nice! - Nice skin, but the balance bar could use some tweaking. I alway think that it's on '100% left'... - August 26, 2003 by Lusztig Zsolt

AWESOME! - I love this skin man!I am gonna use it with my next theme on my desktop! Good job keep up the good work man! - August 20, 2003 by Daniel Rollins

smooth as a suppository - i can't define it as plastic or metal, but it's smooth as a suppository. i don't know how i'm gonna use this now that i've thought of that. - August 18, 2003 by brad dittmer

grrreat! - the tiger once sayd... - August 13, 2003 by really extrudanary

this skin makes me feel all warm inside - the akura gt remix is a work of art. not only did this person go through the trouble of making a remix, they made it so much better. i rate 5 stars for good, hard work. mikey - August 11, 2003 by Michael Murray

Light... I Like Light - Great remix! Did u see the original? Remix is better... Customized everything. Calm colours, light and delicious! - August 11, 2003 by GAG [Jaguar]

cool - i think that the mouse rocks how it is all see thru.genius. but the writin is a bit hard t read but other than that it is gr8 - August 11, 2003 by ann barker

MUST....GET.... O_O - now THAT'S aesthetics! YEAH MAN! Lookit those smooth curves, those sleek shaded contours! ooo ya gotta love that! The whiteness makes it feel smooth, clean, and professional. I downloaded it before I could even write the review o_o I wish winamp CAME with this skin! - August 8, 2003 by Cyrus Draegur

Smooth.. - Great skin, but it could of used some more remixing! - August 7, 2003 by xenosomething ...