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My old skin updated.

My old skin updated.

My old skin updated after four(!) years.

Get the speakers too.

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March 17, 2006 by hagman x262038 downloads

adore - My old skin updated.

Staff review

Super smooth, man I love the colour scheme on this one, it's so relaxing to look at, just proves that you don't need to be over complex to be cool.


Adore it! - Love this one, easy on the eyes, nice colour scheme. - April 27, 2006 by Wendy Lin

ubuh - bbhilnjiln - April 27, 2006 by Vova Vova

AWESOME - awesome skin... i love it and im using it right now... very original! i love the colors (lol like on my website) [ - April 26, 2006 by jOsSse Cores

don omar - q este wimnamp es buenaso y espero q escuche musicas gratis - April 4, 2006 by elvis elises

Nice looking - Nice looking - March 28, 2006 by Peo Sworr

friggin' sweet - I really like this skin, it's so smooth and clean. Definitely on my desktop - March 25, 2006 by brocker shizzy

Hit that download button. - Well-rounded skin, looks nice, functionality is good - you don't exactly need symbols on the buttons since it's standard layout, and despite not being stunning, it's solid and worth the download. - March 19, 2006 by Tim E