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Adidas 2004

Looks great

Looks great

Skinned everything, own cursors.That's Adidas 2004.

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October 1, 2004 by Taras Kupar227142 downloads

Adidas 2004 - Looks great

Staff review

Looks green

Nice and shiny.


Green Classic - Good appearance... - March 2, 2008 by Anuar Jamid

Looooooks green - A nice greeny Adidas skin.Coool - August 4, 2005 by David Farrel

Great Skin - I love this skin, definately one of the best I've downloaded, the different shades of green set this skin alight and everything else is something words can't describe! - April 10, 2005 by Paul Su

Wonderful - Hey dude,that's a great skin.I would give it 10 stars if I could.Impressive job. - January 20, 2005 by Johnny Quest

Beautiful - I love this skin very much.It's definitely a 5 star skin.The green color you made is just wonderful.Well done! :) - January 20, 2005 by Chloe Anderson

Fantastic - 6 - December 3, 2004 by Tanvir Ahmed

Adidas 2004 - Definitely a 4 star skin. Love this skin, the colors, the cursor, the layout and all that goes with it. Great color combination even if it is green. Sharp looking skin - like to see more with a different color and design in the near future. Thanks for the good work on this. - October 24, 2004 by Eugene Edwards

Serus tarky - Very very very very goooooooooooood skin. Nice work tarky. Tu husky serus tarky jak se mas co robis robo poradil mi tvoj skin. - October 22, 2004 by daniel husar

Nazdar kamo - Good work Taras. I can say this is your best skin. Not perfect bud user friendly and stylish. Len tak dalej - October 20, 2004 by Robert Piatnicko

Nice ;) - But what about Nike ayh ;):P - October 7, 2004 by Arnar Ingolfsson