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Featured Skin, October 23, 2003.

Clean, Cool, and 2.9 ready. My 5th Winamp skin. Everything is skinned, including 2.9 windows and the old AVS. Nothing really extra-fancy, just a good-looking skin that's really easy to use.

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October 21, 2003 by Jim Stenzel38169 downloads

Adelphi - Featured Skin, October 23, 2003.

Staff review


Nice, clear and complete skin.


what i needed - thank you .. - November 6, 2003 by nikkie c

Very nicely done - This skin was done the way I like my women: with simple beauty. I would, however like an explanation from the staff why you only got 4 stars on aesthetics and completeness. Those should have both been 5 stars, so if anyone want's to explain, feel free to post or add to staff review. Great job on the skin man. I will make the Analoug VU meter skin to complement it. (Don't worry I won't release it, my own depth with skinning: something simple that I can do with Photoshop for my eyes only. If you want a look drop me a line at [email protected] - November 5, 2003 by Professor Tom

2.91.. Nice.. - Very nice.. I like skins that can change my thought of the basic winamp skin.. This blew me off, but it didn't really reach the 5 stars level.. but it's good tho.. thank you for making it.. - October 31, 2003 by Azdhy Lolo

Good! - GOod sKin thanks... - October 26, 2003 by Cetin Caliskan

Nice ! - 4 stars, particularly for the "main" window : great look...nice work ;-) - October 18, 2003 by mimi duchat