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Full 3D skin

Full 3D skin

M'kay let's see:This skin is a fully 3Dimensional skin,made with a 3d gfx software:)It is Absolute3D!!!

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November 13, 2003 by ekho _42535 downloads

absolute3D - Full 3D skin

Staff review

Looks funny,

Absolutly a good funny 3D skin.


..ingenious - It's like old-fashioned sci-fi style for me. - August 7, 2009 by CLA r

it really whips the llamas ass - you don\'t see them like this all of the time, and this one looks awesome - October 6, 2005 by kasey silva

C.B. Songz Production - Very Nice. 3D effects are realy good while keeping the controls easy to see and use at the same time unlike most 3D skins. Keep up the good work ekho. - July 26, 2003 by Carl Bradt

funny - It's nice, but not enough serious. Wacky colours and great 3d effects. Could have been a lot better. - June 28, 2003 by Sandu Teodor