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A Charlie Brown Christmas

Good Grief

Good Grief

Made last year, updated this year, nothing brings out Christmas spirit like Charlie Brown.

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December 9, 2006 by Luigi Hann199968 downloads

A Charlie Brown Christmas - Good Grief

Staff review

Charlie Brown and Christmas, yeah, the perfect combination.


thats mine - i love snoopy - September 28, 2008 by shannon denekas

super - Charlie Brown's good man!!! ))))) - November 17, 2007 by mariam mari

Absolutely the BEST Christmas skin anywhere! - Yay! I looked all over the place for skins for Christmas, or even wintery skins, for Winamp (or even other, obviously not as cool players) and came up with a sad selection. The Skin Lovin' Xmas collaboration is garish and the colours too harsh. This one is lovely to look at and contain all sorts of hidden surprises. I loved that the bottom row of buttons on the Playlist window each popped up to be a different snowman. Great idea! Very easy to use, all windows skinned, the Library is so pretty it may actually convince me to use it for once. Five North Stars. - December 22, 2006 by Xanthine X

perfect for playing the Vince Guaraldi soundtrack -'s darned near perfect, right down to the text. Just in time for the Holidays, too! - December 13, 2006 by Tim Gainer