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updated for winamp 5

updated for winamp 5

updated for winamp 5

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October 4, 2000 by David Tryse1057617 downloads

42 - updated for winamp 5

Staff review

But so worth it!

The more effort and dedication-the better. At least in your case. The transparency in this is absolutely outstanding. Check it out for yourself!


great! - love it. - November 11, 2007 by Arianes Steiner

Awesome! - been using this skin for over 6 months and i still love it...effects r sweet!! - July 2, 2007 by Paul M

Freaky - This skin was so good, I had to register and vote for it. It is one of the most creative skins visually, and the cursors are really nifty. How did I not see it before now? - March 26, 2007 by Thomas Noonan

my favorite winamp skin hands down - searchable as _42 , I've been using this one for 5 years. Very user friendly, and easy on the eyes. My only complaint is the missing transparency at the corners of the playlist. I recommend it to everyone. - December 26, 2006 by carl freiermuth

dzsungle - it's cool. - June 11, 2006 by csaba csilla

Love this skin - If any skin on here truely comes close to Hitchhikers guide it's this 1 - February 18, 2006 by Noah Blair

the best ever - looks fantastic and it is surely easy to use. all through out my winamp life i used many skins but none last more than two days and i always eventually turned back to this skin :) its colors, buttons, everything is superb and no other skin can beat this down :P i'm with it till the end! GO 42 GO!!! :) - May 19, 2005 by sema k

The Best Skin Ever! - hey yall whats happenin? just wanted to tell yall that this is the best skin ever, i got it for 4 years almost and never replaced! give the man respect and download this s***! - September 10, 2004 by Avishai Algrisi

3 stars? - If you aren't a fan of winamp 3 but love the skins, here's one that would make you winamp 2 look like 3 ;) - December 5, 2003 by Karen Fiore

AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - It doesn't get any better than this. All you other skin-makers out there can learn something from this skin. I can only imagine the kind of time and effort David put into this thing. Anyone can tell that this is truly a masterpiece of art with buttons. Thank you so much David for making such a sweetass skin. --NM - October 24, 2003 by Nathan Moorman

really cool! - really good!!!and cool - October 9, 2003 by Anne Marte Brodin

ToTaLlY FuKiN AwEsOmE!!! - you have excellent talent at what you do, this is a out of this world skin. Keep up the good work and keep 'em comming. YOU ROCK!! - August 1, 2003 by Devin Downs

Simple n Great - This is one and only skin I use. Now I need winamp3 compatible please provide. - May 28, 2003 by Subhash Chandra

i like it - your four year old daughter must be very talented. and you must have your head up your ass. just because you don't like the asthetics or something, you rated it low. i think it's a lovely abstract piece. i feel sorry for you, but i don't even think you deserve a star. - January 14, 2003 by briar lowe

Just great! - This has got to be one of my favorite skins, regardless of what some other people have to say about it!! The idea and concept is absolutely unique, and I like the atmosphere it conveys very much. - December 29, 2002 by Kathy Bosse

Favourite skin ever :) - I like it a lot, really cool transparency and colours - also (a big plus) has a skin for the Winamp Lyrics plugin, which I use. Had this skin in daily use for over a year now :) - August 21, 2002 by Rob Mitchelmore

Don't seem to good at first.... - But, its looks great when you dl... awesome work! - August 4, 2002 by Christopher Da Silva

kewlest skin ever - Dude, you have made the best skin ever. It absolutely rocks. I've never seen anything cooler. What is the significance of 42? Is it from the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy? - August 2, 2002 by John Boeckmann

whathehellisthis - sorry man but it looks like it came out of my nose! uhhhhhh!!!! - July 28, 2002 by Denis WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU CARE

Ooooh - Exceptional use of transparency! Gotta love the colours too. This is one of my all-time favorites. - July 7, 2002 by The MA-x

Funkadellic - This has to be the sweetest skin ive ever seen. The transparency and curvynesss are really well done. A lot of the other transparent skins have rough edges but this one doesnt have that problem at all. Beautifully done. If there was a 6th star i could give i would. Ill definately be using this for a while. - June 25, 2002 by Ilya Barshai

sooooooooo cool - This is the greatest skin i've ever seen!!! keep up the good work!!!! - June 21, 2002 by Stefanie Mikolajczak

Love it! - Very cool! Will definitely leave this one up for a while! - June 20, 2002 by Dust Bunny

w - umm NAH!!! - June 14, 2002 by Arvi Kuusik

Dude.... TIGHT - Dont like the colors? ALOT MORE PEOPLE DO. if you dont like it and you make skins and you say they are better, your just jealus. i cant stand jealus people. i usually just kick them. o yeah. this skin gets more good reviews than bad. notice that? the ones that dont like it are prolly nerds with no taste thats why they take their anger out on something they dont like behind a mouse, keyboard, and monitor. all i have to say to them is 2 things. 1: Get a life 2: Go to hell - June 12, 2002 by stephen kampen

WAY COOL !! - Great skin !! Beautifully done and will become one of my favorites .. - June 11, 2002 by Minute Maid

The most Amazing Skin! - I love this skin, out of all the skins i have i always come back to this one. I just can't get enough of it. I love the animation of some of the buttons, and how the cursor changes for different functions. I marvel it for it's unique-ness, there are no others like it! This is the most awsome skin. Good Work!! (please make some more!) - June 2, 2002 by Amy zed

My First Review... - I just signed up because this skin made me! I just *had* to review it... So I gave this five stars! (I think it more than deserved it.) - June 2, 2002 by Amy Behrendt

Excellent work - This skin is simply excellent. I can see that you have taken a lot of time into this, and I really like the (correct me if I'm wrong) junglish theme. I also love the cursor when you go to move one of the windows, and the menu selections in the playlist editor are great. If I could give more than 5 stars, I would. Once again, great work! - May 21, 2002 by Chris 1

#1 - this is by far the #1 skin for winamp. gorgeous detail, animations, transparancy too. only on thing need to fix is extra black around border of playlist box. - May 20, 2002 by pm 5k00

LOL - thats a gay skin yo. Im sure u put timw and effort into it but GOOD LORD MAN dont ever do that again! - May 18, 2002 by Ranger {101st}

Definately Worthy - when i saw this skin here i didn't realize it had transparency, but as soon as i downloaded it i saw how amazing this one is. definately a keeper. - May 4, 2002 by CJ Larson

The design could use some work but... - This is a great use of color and obviously took alot of time and effort... And remember folks... If you don't like it... Don't look at it!!!!!!! - April 16, 2002 by Rya Hawk

YAY!!! - Just for the HHGG-ness! :) * blatantly plugs: * - April 4, 2002 by Lisa Woodhouse

THIS Rooooooooooooooocks...... - THE skin. it's the best there is. i have been using this one for 1? year and it still is the best. the is no other skin that beats this one in my oppinion. - March 20, 2002 by Jeppe Borch

NICELY - Very Very Nicely - March 19, 2002 by Duck Quack

How did you?... - I have been trying to smooth the edges of my skins for ages, but...I just don't do you...damn, nice skin. - March 15, 2002 by Ike Rivelle

Genious!! - The color, the design, it gives a full "mystery" and mood effect, i had to download it!! nice job! the time was worth it! - March 12, 2002 by Robbie Samson

WOW!!! - I just found the perfect skin!!! This one must have taken ages, and thank u, David!!! Perfect... - March 6, 2002 by Linn Thorsdahl

This is THE ultimate answer! - There is a theory which says that if ever someone finds out what the universe is for and why it is here, it will instantly disappear and be replaced by something even more bizarre and unexplicable. The is another which states that this has already happened... (douglas adams) - - - Now my only hope is that WINAMP is not going to disappear! - March 1, 2002 by Paul Randig

alright - its so nasty its cool, its like.. so tacky. like man, i appreciate the work gone into this, its quite interesting, but man, i have found better, mind you, not this style. - February 28, 2002 by Dustin Flaterud

Wow! - I've seen many good skins, but this one just made me pause in awe and admiration. Totally unique and creative! Bravo! - February 24, 2002 by Tat K

MAD! - this is one of the coolest things i have EVER SEEN! - February 23, 2002 by Daniel Mullens

GROSS!!! - What the hell is this????? Dave Hill is right, this skin IS shit! - February 18, 2002 by crow draven

i love it - sure, its rather cool in format and stuff....but if i'm right this skin was inspired by a little book called The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.....hehehe - February 16, 2002 by Zoe Person

Love it - PLease make more!! This is the only skin I use! - February 6, 2002 by Sarah Godinez

uh oh, i blew a nut in my pants - Good lord! whata sweet ass amp, hell, the preview doesnt even sho you all the cool crap this mo fo does. 42 is by far my favorite good jo bto the author, ( you made me spooge in my shorts!) HA HAHA! but really tho, nice skin - February 3, 2002 by JJ Bilimek

Thank you. - I had this skin on my previous computer, and I've been searching all over this site to find it, as I had forgotten the name. I must say, this is an excellently done skin. It has been one of the most used skins my myself. I'd love to see more from this same artist. - January 27, 2002 by M. Jesse OToole

4 Stars for creativity! - This is one of the most creative skins I have ever seen! Calm yourself Morgan Klang I have seen MUCH WORSE skins. Give yourself a pat on the back David, you've done a good job. - January 25, 2002 by Andrea Beverly

The mice are gonna love this one... - This will probably distract them while designing The Earth Mark Two...who knows they might even stop trying to chop up Arthur Dent's brain. - January 11, 2002 by Bob Fence

Oh hell yeah - This is by far THE BEST skin I have ever seen. I've been through the entire site and I haven't seen one that's this fuckin insane!! I absolutely love it. Make some more, you have some MAD talent!!! LOVE IT!!!!! Too bad I can only give it 5 stars. This is worth a million!! - January 4, 2002 by amanda lowe

Still one of the best. - It has been in my collections of skins since I started using winamp. It is wonderful. - January 3, 2002 by Cat Dreamer

i don't know what to say - i love what the mouse does when you run it over the winamp. i bet this took you forever... - January 3, 2002 by Ali K

Simply Superb - After mutiple HD reformats and re-installations of windows, 42 is always the first skin I d/l. It's simply the best skin out there. Try it if you don't believe me, but it rocks! - December 28, 2001 by Travis Johnson

Very Cool - A very creative skin...definetely on of the best skins I have seen!! - December 19, 2001 by Meghan Nanney

W00t. - I don't normally give "5"s, but this one deserves it. I've seen hundreds, if not thousands, of skins, but "42" is... the best so far. Highly recommended. - December 16, 2001 by Jonatan Lundb�ck

bad ass skin - This has got to be the coolest skin i have seen. Props to the artist. However much time you spent on it, it was time well spent. - December 3, 2001 by justin mccann

My favorite! - This one is absolutely the greatest. The features are easy to use and it's all around so stylish. The colors are fabulous. I think the arrow is cool as wel. You did an amazing job on this one and I am looking forward to seeing more from you. =o) - December 3, 2001 by Carolann Curry

Hmmmmm - This is my brothers favorite. I might as well say something nice about it. It actually is pretty cool, but not the best. no affense to those who love it. - November 25, 2001 by Sarah C

Yummie! - Great clean skin, me like! :) And I also love the fact that it is so EASY to remove the 'open' button, I've never understood the purpose of that one anyway, just gets in the way. :P Much love goes to this skin, and of course the artist that made it, although the last one in a non-gayish way. ;) - November 23, 2001 by Jens Nilsson Sahlin

the best out there - This has to be the greatest skin I have ever seen. Thanks for building it. - November 23, 2001 by D P

It has no equal - This is so totally cool! It has no equal and I can't even begin to think that I could ever do anything like it. Wow... - November 15, 2001 by James Tull

nicely done - The cursors rule, the transparency works well, and its a great overall skin, great job. What is the Winamp skin that is most important to Life, the Universe, and Everything? This is. - November 12, 2001 by Adam George

Truely Breathtaking............... - I have been using Winamp since 98 and i have been using this skin since november 2000, i have never seen a skin that even comes close to the originality of this beauty. Full credit to the designer an awsome use of colour and transparency to create the best winamp skin i have ever encountered, the little touches count people and so does full functionality. In fact this skin is the reason i registered today whilst looking for a new skin.......still the best!!!!!!! - November 1, 2001 by Kevin Reeves

beautiful - This skin inspired me to register with winamp and praise this skin. Unbelievable, perfect, everything someone could want from a skin. The shadow cursor is mildly annoying, but still the best skin i've ever seen. - October 29, 2001 by paul lee

Wonderful - I'm not a particular fan of neon colors, but let me say, that this skin is absolutely amazing! Some million years? I'm sure. This skin should be in the dictionary under "kickass." - October 25, 2001 by Anuj Girdhar

superb work - This is the best skin I've ever seen. Perfectly worked out details and style. More skins like this, please! - October 12, 2001 by Art Z.

sweet skin! - This is the sweetest skin i have seen!!! its totally original and unique! keep up the killer work!!!!!!! - October 10, 2001 by Sam Genereux

This one should be the base skin! - or am i wrong?, good view... full finctional, you can find everything, wow! a perfect 10! congratz? - October 8, 2001 by Rodolfo Cort�s

No lie - Best skin EVER! - Unquestionably, the best skin EVER. Simply put, I have never seen a skin before or since that matches the quality of this one. The transparency is used to give the skin a unique frame. A refreshing change from the standard boxes. It's readily apparent that the artist who made this (and I feel he/she IS an artist) spent painstaking hours to perfect this skin. From beautiful mouse cursors with fluid, animated colors to unique styled buttons and textures, this is an eye-popping experience you'll never tire of. And unlike a lot of skins, this one doesn't sacrafice functionality for style. It's as intuitive and user-friendly as any skin out there. Do yourself a favor, download this skin NOW. You won't regret it. - October 5, 2001 by Snarfleez Cattleprod

Don't know who Morgan Klang is... - but he/she's a blithering idiot. This is VERY nice - different and lovely. It IS a little dark, though. How about a muted blue or purple for the background? Keep it up! - October 4, 2001 by Mooncat 650

O Hellz yea... - This skin rocks...there is nuthin esle like it and itz mad creative...i think this is the best skin ive seen in a while - September 29, 2001 by eber malan

Oh Yeah - This is great. If anyone bags this skin they need treatment. It is really colourful with excellent transparent bits and still easy to see the buttons. Make more you champion David - September 19, 2001 by Mark Walter

monkey-rating - supercool. i think that david tyrse should have his own helper monkey. that way he could do things faster and he would have his own monkey. hooray! - September 8, 2001 by owen davis

Wonderful !!!!!!!! - What a hell !!!!!!!!! that the best skin I've seen, and have seen 80% of the skins in this site, this work is great, the buttons, cursos, all is so impresionant, very good David Tryse, still working... wowwowowowowowowowowowowowowowowow WOW !!!!!!!!! - September 7, 2001 by Arnold Sosa

Brilliance! - with the transparency and the wicked colors! this is one of my favorite skins of all time! - August 28, 2001 by Dragon Master

Out of this world - This skin is simply out of this world. It truly is a unique piece of work. Well worth the time to download. Someone else said the name didn't make sense, I think its a reference to the Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy. Maybe the skin is supposed to be the answer to Life, The Universe and Everything :) - August 23, 2001 by Robert McGovern

best of the best - I don't know what's wrong with some of these people... this is the coolest skin I've ever seen - All the detail!!! And the colors rock too. My all-time fave! - August 20, 2001 by Lyndi Reiber

COOL! - I don't know WHAT al stiffler is thinking! this is awesome! great job! - August 17, 2001 by Randi Jean

Jesus - Wow, this is the skin that made me sign up. I just had to leave a comment. Frickin' awesome. - August 10, 2001 by Kevin Sears

5 Stars! - This is the coolest and most innovative skin i've seen. - August 10, 2001 by Chris Thomson

"42" - Beautiful! Just LOVE it !! nice job David.. - August 5, 2001 by k jetel

Maga Trip Out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - this is one of the most trippy skins i have ever seen!!!!! - August 4, 2001 by Stephen Timmerman

Great Transparency - The screenshot doesn't do justice to this skin. Download it just to see the sweet transparencies. - August 4, 2001 by Onryou Kaitou

Groovy! - It kinda looks like the Swingin' 60's! Awesome Job! - August 4, 2001 by Jayson Balcom

wtf - what kind of f**kin skin is that supposed to be!?!?!? - July 25, 2001 by kevin beck

kicks @$$ - this is an amazing skin it's so er, wiggly and er, nice (running out of things to say) every1 coem, download this marvelous thing and have fun ...;-) - July 22, 2001 by Deborah Bernarde

5 star's r not enough! - One of the best. It's about time skin creators got away from dodgy futuristic looking skins and came up with some originality. 10 out of 10. - July 18, 2001 by Stuart Vickers

very very very very good - did the author consume lsd? ;) it's very cool and a litte bit "funny"... xtremly cool - July 17, 2001 by tobias abel

DAMN THIS IS COOL!! - Love the skin, love it. Awesome name, but where is Zaphod? - July 15, 2001 by Spork Man

Very /=]~ - July 11, 2001 by Shaun Murray

OMFG THIS SKIN IS COOL - Very MUTHAFUXIN cool :P - July 10, 2001 by Will Kemp

I love it - I know all my friends have this skin...its the best. I love the way it looks and work. you can tell it took alot of time and hard work..Its great - July 10, 2001 by Erika Lowther

Nice - Nice nice very nice... that must have took a lot of time yes... but the result is there!!! - July 7, 2001 by Joanna Doe

Right On - Screw the lacking minority, and be proud of this hard work and detail on this skin. You can tell it took time, and to place so much work into something shows great dedication. - July 6, 2001 by Jimmy Holliday

SWEET - keep it up!! - July 5, 2001 by Jessica Amero

get a lobotomy - Man, I would have scrapped this idea if I even THOUGHT of it. Let alone before POSTING it.... You appear to have some skill in skinning, but u lack artistic taste. So us a favour and dont post any more man. Nt to be an asshole, but art's not your thing. - July 4, 2001 by John van Gorkom

mighty - my favorite for the last 5 months....i havent found a better one yet. i especially dig the animations on some of the buttons....very cool - July 3, 2001 by kafir boy

I was never a fan of using skins... - but this has shown me what art they truly are. I am in awe of the work that has gone into designing something so beautiful/functional and FUN! thank you :) - July 3, 2001 by Alison Marlowe

F*cking amazing - I love it. I don't normally like weird skins, but this one kix some serious ass. tRE - July 1, 2001 by Tre W

sweet - Great skin kept up the good word - July 1, 2001 by Jeremy Ellis

What a beauty! - Anyone trashing this skin, must not realize the time and effort involved in this one. This mezmerized me for 2 hours....keep up the great work! I just wish we could give more stars for this one. - July 1, 2001 by Charles Brown

Very, very cool - I really don't like complex skins, because they are distracting and distort the functionality, but this one is awesome. Just have to see if my family can deal with it... - June 30, 2001 by drod viva

this stinx. PU! - it is way too bright! i cant tell what i'm clicking on or anything! next time, at least make it so the buttons LOOK like what they're supposed to do (aka - the shuffle button actually differs from the repeat button). i agree with kevin sanchez... except my thoughts arent quite as... vibrant... as his. - June 27, 2001 by Alana I.

Nice! - great cursors, transparancies, colors and overall appearance. It's only major flaw is the windowshade mode on the eq and main. - June 26, 2001 by Dr. Horatio MacTavish

Awsome - This is one of the coolest skins I have seen yet, its sick! I have to agree with Jamie, Brandys an Idiot. - June 24, 2001 by James Sonke

Shooby Doo-wop - Quite the feat you pulled off w/ this awesome lil skin. Magic i say, simply magical! - June 24, 2001 by bobby reitz

Sweeeeeet - I can't imagine the amount of work that went into creating the transparencies in this thing... It rules. - June 23, 2001 by Jamie Arseneault

O-oo - I was just silent looking at all the other skins, but this one... It really is the best... - June 21, 2001 by Ilya German

FREAKY - My 4 Year Old Daughter could make a Skin better than this one,Sorry Guys:( At least I felt sorry enough for it to give you one star - June 20, 2001 by Brandy Acaley

Almost Makes Me Cry - This skin is just plain out beautiful.....The design is great...I love the transparencies...I use this one the most out of my collection....Can't wait for the next one he makes...peace - June 19, 2001 by Chris Maguire

HELL YEAH! - Thiz is DA BEST skin i have seen so far! Keep makin skinz! - June 19, 2001 by Archie Phillip

The only skin I use - This is the only skin I use. Work, home, school. It is the most unique and stylized skin her. - June 18, 2001 by Matthew Jacobs

Absolutely Beautiful! - If you don't like it you're probably too uptight to function properly.This is the best f*****g skin out there. I love how the cursor changes, the wonderful colors, the distorted image. Plus, it add a little transparancy, too. - June 15, 2001 by Robert Hodges

The Best Skin i see ever - Es el mejor skin que he visto. Si pudiera le daria 10 estrellas. Me inclino ante el tipo que lo dise?o. - June 15, 2001 by JackMan Delice

Psychedelein!! - this skin is beautiful... the animations, the colours, the transparencies, the design... this skin hasn't left my winamp since i got it. very trippy.. you should see it after u eat some... ooh la la!! the only negative thing i have to say about this is that the playlist window transparency should be fixed. it works fine on my machine with a black background, but doesn't look as slick on other boxes. peace - June 13, 2001 by anfrey cheng

wow - Now this is a work of art, dude (a Picasso, or something, if you want).Great shape, colours, cursors, and all.. - June 12, 2001 by Lupu Raul

I am the only person that isn't blind? - This skin looks like something that came out of my mouth when I had a bad burrito!! - June 12, 2001 by David Bailey

i'm so sorry, so so sorry. - this is the best freakin' skin ever! i got an account just to review this master piece! - June 11, 2001 by Christof Tembroke

FUNKY! - This is THE BEST winamp skin. Its just sooooo funky and i love the colours, they go great with each other! Its clearer to read than some of the other skins too. Congrats to whoever made this, you are one cool guy! - June 3, 2001 by steph turnbull

Wow that's neat - This skin has more neat effects than I think I can ever hope to incorporate into my own skins - June 2, 2001 by Nick Garafrfo

Amazing - This is probably the best winamp skin i have ever seen. It looks a little bland at first, but the skin is very clear and easy to see, and the effects are great! - May 31, 2001 by Timothy Horwedel

wtf!! - this is snazzy!! dude. this is sweet. i seriously am lovin this. how you did it, i will never know, but i am just beyond how cool it is. woah. - May 31, 2001 by Audrey Watterson

The best - This skin is my favourite. It rocks so hard. - May 30, 2001 by rohan massie

Cream of the Crop - I've had this skin for awhile, and the transparency definetly makes a difference. The colors don't clash, and the nifty cursors add a plus. This should be one of the Five Star skins. - May 29, 2001 by Connie Wang

understated! - jello move cool! love it! very nice. - May 26, 2001 by shannon keenan

ASS KICKIN!! - this skin well it............. it just kicks ass!! nuff said! - May 23, 2001 by Eric Ginter

DUNNO? - I can't say it is good and I can't say it is bad, But I will say that this dude has put a lot of work on it. Hey, it got to the top 50.......didn't it?!? - May 17, 2001 by Robert Mcguire

VERY COOL! - Thanks for all of your hard work - this is one on the coolest skins I've seen! - May 12, 2001 by Cyndi Pitts

W0W - Well, there's little to say except WOW. I can image how long it took you. - May 11, 2001 by Max Nokhrin

Awesome Detail - I would drap myself in this skin... This is the greatest skin ever made. It has an awesome transparency theme and a smooth abstract look. Get it!!! It is probably the most detailed skin I have ever seen. It is worth every effort the author had put in - May 10, 2001 by Huaizhi Chen

Freaken Insane! - TIGHT SKIN MAN!!! Crap, i just published my first skin, and it is poop compared to this. BRAVO!!! - May 7, 2001 by Wesley Miller

Faith Renewing - I was sarcasticly reading all these 5 Star reviews from readers...then I found this skin (I hadnot been here in at least a year) It looks SO good on a black desktop with Geiss windowed next to it...worth every ounce of time the author put into it - May 7, 2001 by T OB

it may have - it may have taken you millions of years but then it bekome one hell of a fine looking skin too =) - April 22, 2001 by Thomas Berg

update - definitely add transparencies to the playlist window = if so, i'd pay for this... - April 19, 2001 by J A

GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - this skin is great!!!!absolutely fab!my fave so far...keep up the good work!!!! - April 19, 2001 by Cristina R.

Uhhhh.... - Okay this is like the 8th trippy skin I've seen in the Most Popular section so far. - April 18, 2001 by Justin Acance

unbelievable - I been going skin-crazy the past few days, but this is by far my favorite. The detail in everything is amazing and the colors are fantastic, if you dont rate it a 5, you must be canadien. - April 15, 2001 by wes ringfelt

How could this get a bad rating? - This skin is awesome! - April 15, 2001 by Khoi Tran

kick ass - this skin kicks ass - April 15, 2001 by jessica croxford

sorry but the colors!!!!! - the colors are too bad,green with blue????? - April 15, 2001 by doug las

wow - i don't know you david, but i've got a lot of respect for you. keep up the great work - April 15, 2001 by Chris Missal

Speechless - I don't know what I expected when I downloaded this, but it is an absolute masterpiece. Transparencies, cursors, buttons... wow... - April 14, 2001 by Steve Craig

Wooah! - Something really special!!! - April 14, 2001 by Sirts P

42 is Gr8! - I have so many skins, but seriously... This IS the best skin on It's so creative and just so great, it really lives up to the name "42", if you guys know what that means! :) - April 14, 2001 by Nick Polat

A definate 5 - this skin is amazing, definatly the best use of transparency I have ever seen, if your looking for a wicked skin to add to your collection, this one is it.. - April 14, 2001 by Cody Jenken

WOOOOOWWWW - Incredible, just fantastic - April 11, 2001 by Pedro Lafuente

Vision in my mind - I thought I didnt ate LSD today - April 8, 2001 by Markus Juuti

Funkedelic and brilliant ! - This skin is unique, beautiful and handy (!). Transparency is crasy, animations just cool, well it's amazing. May I suggest to add some transparency to the playlist window? (Well, if possible) - April 5, 2001 by Daniel D�chelotte

phsychedelic! - i'm at a loss for words on how great this skin is! - April 2, 2001 by Cristal Schwartzman

amazing! - this skin is incredible!! from the color scheme down to the shadowed cursors! the cursors in this definately bring up the mood of this skin. The the textures and colors down to the playlist buttons definately give this skin 5 stars! - March 30, 2001 by kyle kennedy

Incredible - This skin has the best button animations I've seen yet. The transparencies are well done, and the artwork looks really good. This skin gets a big bonus because the buttons are also easy to see and use. - March 29, 2001 by Sonny Savage

absolute must have! - the only reason i registered is so i could tell everyone how amazing this skin is! i've built my desktop around it,truely a funky skin that everyone should have. - March 29, 2001 by robert orr

Ooooooh - I don't even have to build my desktop around it, this one fits right in! - March 29, 2001 by Adam Nowek