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16Bit Amp

By John Kreitlow

By John Kreitlow

I remade it, based on suggestions. If you don't like it, I can change it back.

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July 17, 2005 by John Kreitlow134734 downloads

16Bit Amp - By John Kreitlow

Staff review

If you want simple, this is it. Can't get much simpler and still is a good skin.


Well done! - There are many ways this skin could have gone wrong but it is brilliantly executed. If you like it check out 16BitRe-Amped from the same author. - August 26, 2006 by raindog mx

good work.thx ! - it meets my keyboard controll and it dont disturb me...besides it its nice:) - August 4, 2006 by tom bartek

Kick Ass - Great idea and execution. - November 29, 2005 by brian mercer

awesome - I miss my Commodore 64. Okay, I never owned one, but I wish I had, just for the retro cool graphics, which this skin utilizes beautifully. Cheers for '80s tech-minimalism. - September 23, 2005 by Jen _

Wicked - Title says all. - August 31, 2005 by Kieron Ross

Pretty Much Okay!! - Though an extremely simple skin, it's nothing great to look as really. Could have been better. Reminds me of the DOS operating system... - August 21, 2005 by Vinit Doshi

^O^ - Extremely simple. I like it. Sometime I'll made some ones and upload them ... Winamp's the best! - August 19, 2005 by Yang Yi

C:\EXCELLENT!!! - C:\ C:\LOOKS_EXCELLENT!!! C:\WHAT_ABOUT_MAKING_ANOTHER SKIN? - August 18, 2005 by Sleepwalker Designs

4\\'50[v]3 5]{1(\) - C:\DOS C:\DOS RUN RUN DOS RUN - August 18, 2005 by Andrew Kingston

5 Stars - Very Good skin - August 14, 2005 by Patrick Butas

Krasser Shit - I love oldschoolshit! And this is one of the best ive ever seen (i also have an old desktop-case, so it fits my style)... =) Thank you for this skin! (Only 4 Stars, because it was too less work ;) ) c:\>Awsome Dude! Befehl oder Dateiname nicht gefunden c:\>_ - August 12, 2005 by Sebastian Sauer

Very Cool... - Noz this is something I can enjoy seeing on my desktop. It's original, which is good.The only letdown is the blue windows "command prompt" on the top, it breaks the rhythm of the skin. Otherwise, its awesome. - August 12, 2005 by Alex Golec

C:\CLEVER - C:\CD CLEVER - August 8, 2005 by xxl xxl

The Nostalgia flows... - I've gotta say, there are some skins where the category "classic" is truly fitting. This is one of them, simple in the extreme, and very DOS reminiscent. As one of the few command prompt lovers, I'll be keeping this one. - August 6, 2005 by Travis Pawlikowski

it grabs the ambience - wonder what Linux hardcores would say about it :) - August 5, 2005 by Karolina Milewska

Great for code gurus - If you wear sandals and have long greasy hair in a pony-tail, smell quite badly and have a big belly from too much pizza - you'll love this skin. I'm not a guru myself. - August 5, 2005 by Jason Gomez

I Like IT - I for one like it. its true to its name. its not hard on its eyes. and it captures the very essence of the command propt again i say i like it, no i love it! - July 28, 2005 by cdsboy none

Very Creative - Simple, easy on the eyes, familiar. These are the things that make this skin good. The incorporation of that ol' windows we call DOS is great. Keep up the good work! - July 19, 2005 by Brandt Gold