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1010 Fullscreen



Skin Consortium Presents

1010 Fullscreen

This unique interface allows you to control Winamp like you have never before!!

Features include:

Autodetect Screensize

Timeline Vis

4 interlocked resizable windows

100 Colorthemes


Martin Deimos Code and Graphics

Skin Consortium

Join US!! Coders and Graphics People Wanted!!!

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January 6, 2007 by Skin Consortium82241 downloads

1010 Fullscreen - big

Staff review

A brand new skin in the Full Screen selection.

Although you are working hard on this type of skin, you are having the effect that they are not original anymore.

That been said, it is a very good skin, and I'm partial to the color choice for the default theme. :)


I was looking for a large full screen skin and this fit the bill. Very slick setup and lots of color options. Very impressed. - April 1, 2010 by [email protected]

TROJAN!!! - Skins nice, but the other thing it asks you to install is full of trojans. Get rid of them ya haxors :S - August 16, 2007 by Steve Vincent

Nice but... - Good design and layout. BUT it leaks like nothing els I have ever used. The analyser uses about 50-60% CPU on the higher settings and ~600 mb memory usage is... not so good for beeing a media player. OK my playlist is quite big but I have to start AVS to get the same CPU usage with a classic skin, and yet it only uses 12 mb of memory. A shame since it's pretty to look at and nice to use otherwise. Only thing I don't like in that area is that the AVS/video an album art/equalizer should be hideable. - January 12, 2007 by Roger Skagerstrom