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Zyraxs Evil Volume Normalizer

Normalize the volume of your mp3's!

Normalize the volume of your mp3's!

This program tries to normalize the volume of your mp3's by acting as a compressor. It examines the audio data and amplifies the sound if neccesary to keep the volume at a constant level. A nice plugin if you are having a lot of songs at different volumes!

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October 1, 2001 by Dan Nilsson124429 downloads

Zyraxs Evil Volume Normalizer - Normalize the volume of your mp3's!

Staff review

Good for keeping consistent volume level

This is definitely useful for keeping your different mp3 files sounding consistent with each other. Just set the volume you want songs to play at... and normalization occurs. Evil normalization.


No graphical feedback - This plug-in may work, but it doesn't tell you anything about what it is doing. It's just three sliders which you tweak, and there are no units on these sliders. Try CompWide instead. - January 10, 2006 by John Paquette

Does what it says - I have 29 hours of tv shows on my computer, and they're all at stupid volume levels. This program works fantastic for videos. Simple no nonsense plugin. I highly recommend it. - March 13, 2005 by Cameron VanNatta

finish it! - it's working allright... just try to complete this unfinished project - September 15, 2003 by m. fajri rahman

Very nice - A nice little plugin that examines your individual mp3s as you play them, and keeps them from wandering too far from your specified volume. Allows you to set your target average volume, the speed at which the plugin will adjust the volume, and the size of data chunk it will analyze at a time (in other words, you choose how large or small of a selection of the song will be looked at before it decides to raise/lower the volume). The plugin works very well, consumes little resources, doesn't noticeably reduce sound quality, and the obvious or inappropriate changes to volume inherent to such a system can be minimized with the right blend of option tweaking. Overall, nicely done. The only feature lacking is the option to set a min and max volume, instead of simply an average to maintain. - September 4, 2003 by Dale Harty

Very Good - The best normalizer I've ever seen. It can not only raise the volume, it even can lower it. I like it! :-) - June 17, 2003 by Frank Bantle

Wrong Approach - It kind of works despite what other people have said. There is a noticeable volume change between tracks that I have tried. However, rather than finding the peaks in a track and adjusting the volume to them, it adjusts the volume of the tracks as it plays (in real-time), meaning that it changes the playback of the track as there are no quieter or louder parts...the whole track plays at the same volume instead...which isn't what I was looking for. Not a true "Normaliser" technically speaking. - April 4, 2002 by Robert Beal

Got potential, but not ready yet - This plugin has potential to be a really great feature. However, its normalization is crude and it doesn't normalize across a playlist, it only normalizes within a single song, which is pointless if you really want songs to be normalized. How you could make this better: Have a volume threshold, a min and a max so that when songs naturally get louder or quieter the thing doesn't interfere. It's really annoying when you're expecting the song to get a little louder and all of a sudden it gets quieter instead. Also, like I said before, it only seems to limit volume within a single song. So if you're expecting all songs to come out of your speakers at a certain volume, that's not going to happen. I've tested songs that are significantly softer than others, and this plugin only seems to keep their recorded volume at a constant level, but does not alter the levels of all songs to meet a certain level - something you'd expect a "normalizer" to do. - March 2, 2002 by Ian Melnick

I did nothing for volume normaliztion - Sorry guy's but this plug-in is a virtual "sugar pill". It did nothing It definately did not normalize. Good try, nice installer icon, and that?s where the complements end. - February 21, 2002 by Vince Maes

yo - i havn't seen the difference too much... but i hope it working :P i went here just for the hope i would find something like this cuase i'm tired of some mp3s being to soft or too loud :P - February 15, 2002 by Robert Russell

average - doesnt really do much besides changing volumes an stuff! doesnt deserve 5 stars, but not 0 either! something in the middle is beter! - February 2, 2002 by The Skin Hacker

Excelent Work - I''m sorry that Jonathan Dark had such problems, cuz if he is anything like me, then he would have loved this plug-in. i've wanted something like this for a while, and i thank you for your effort. I agree with DWH Co However that something is needed in the way of interface within the preferences. - January 4, 2002 by scott holland

User: Godsmacked - Look, I'm not sure how all you people like this program, but for me, it corrupted my Winamp, and the corruption lasted even after i uninstalled the plugin. This might work good on your computer, but it screwed mine. Thanks alot for your exellent submission. - November 27, 2001 by Jonathan Dark

Well done, BUT... - Wow! Very fine effort! Okay, other than having listened to *RADIO* for more than 30 some years, and the latter part of that, knowing just a little bit about how *they* perform this particular task, I have no expertise here, but I'll say this: Great Job! There are some things I'd suggest though... 1 - On the *configure* screen, How about an OKAY button, instead of clicking on the X to close the screen. 2 - Also, on the self-same screen, perhaps adding informative labels to the sliders (small - large, fast - slow, low - high) showing the user configuring the plug-in how the values are being changed. On the following, I'm none too sure, but I don't seem to detect: 3 - LIVE updating of the changes made, similar to the PRESETS change (for example - when you open the EQ presets, and click a different setting, you hear the setting, and have the choice to select it, or change it - on the fly), so's to be able to choose whether or not the settings for normalization that the user wants, are indeed those that are set. BTW, I might even add to this *review*, if I get the *wild hair*, and if I see that such additional comments are welcomed, or needed... Later... - October 5, 2001 by DWH Co