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A versatile audio FX plugin

A versatile audio FX plugin

A fully featured DSP plugin supporting Stereo voice Removal, Stereo Enhancement, Flanging, echo, chorus, Pitch Shifting (without tempo change), and more! And each effect is fully customizable through sliders.

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February 15, 2002 by Randall Hand52691 downloads

YerazeFX - A versatile audio FX plugin

Staff review

Decent audio efx

Includes flange, echo, pitch shift, chorus, etc. The efx are pretty good... the presets definitely help a bit. The interface is easy to use, but could definitely use some decoration.


It's got's all what it nead Dj :)) - Its good plugin for person who wana be a Dj somedaj, with this plugin you get a lot of ideas for mixing :)) - February 16, 2002 by Alex Ziernicky