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Yahoo Status Changer

You need to IM me so that stupid site doesnt show up..Send an IM to this_all_mine (yahoo messenger)

You need to IM me so that stupid site doesnt show up..Send an IM to this_all_mine (yahoo messenger)

You need to IM me so that stupid site doesnt show up..Send an IM to this_all_mine (yahoo messenger). Anyways this will change your status to what ever song your listening to..Seems dumb but some people like it!

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February 6, 2004 by Andre None47584 downloads

Yahoo Status Changer - You need to IM me so that stupid site doesnt show up..Send an IM to this_all_mine (yahoo messenger)

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Let people in Yahoo Messenger know what you're listening to

Straightforward plugin that allows you to display your current Winamp info in Yahoo Messenger.


pls - i neeeeed a yahoo.msg 9 status changer pls - February 15, 2008 by Tibor T

Respuesta en Espaol Spanish - Bueno no he podido configurar an este plugin. me gustara saber con que versin de Winamp y yahoo ha funcionado.Yo he probado con Winamp v2.78 y yahoo messenger v8.1.0.421.Jorge - Colombia - November 7, 2007 by Nilkamal Mher

quit irritating and confusing - after intalling this it shows up some default link but the song played in winamp doesnt show up. - May 30, 2007 by Lincy Joseph

Why so mush anger!!!? - This is the main problem: There is no API or Interface for this wicked DLL. Something like PE Explorer may be able to get the API and possibly fix the link problem. After all, the best way is to develop your own!!! ;) - July 22, 2006 by Achilles Manokian

Plugin sucks. - This plugins sucks. It will, by default, show an ad (link) to its author's website after the name of the song and the band on your YM status. And after you've closed Winamp, this plugin will change your YM status to the URL of the author's website. I highly recommend not using this plugin. It sucks. - January 12, 2005 by Heffer Wolfe

very good - easy to use - November 2, 2004 by ana leave

Some good, Some bad. - This program is okay for what it does. It can be really annoying though. It does work, but until you change the plugin settings, it will be a link to that website, which i refuse to visit even once. Once you change that, after you close winamp or shutoff the plugin, it chages your status to the Be Cool Instantly! link as described below. I did do the hex edit thing the one guy mentioned, but now 'User's status is ' which is also kind of annoying. And for some reason, the plugin randomly decides to mark my status as Busy, for no reason I can figure out. - July 20, 2004 by Anaxer Trargain

Heh - Well.. You don't need to Im him to remove the link Options - June 15, 2004 by chris lanier

Remove The Annoying URL "" - The plugin works well but nothing during the install said it was going to advertise a website. If you like this plugin and want to remove that link from being displayed here is how. browse to this directory on your Hard Drive - "C:\Program Files\Winamp\Plugins" then open "gen_msgr.dll" with a hex editor (if you don't have one get a trial of AXE Hex editor, use google t find it). you will see the link on the right side, click "Edit" "string replace" and put in "replace with 16 spaces (it has to be the same length) and save the file and try it. Working great now! - May 24, 2004 by me you

Intrusive - First off, I thought that it was good, I assumed when he said "so that stupid site won't show up" he meant in the status after your songs. That was easy enough to fix, just remove the %U from the status... That though is not the part that I found distasteful. When you shut WinAmp off, when you uncheck the box on the "enable this plugin", and when you uninstall, during any and all of these instances, it changes your status then to tell your friends how they can "Be cool instantly!" and there is not a location where you can turn that off in the configuration. I'm assuming when the author is contacted via Yahoo he'll probably link you to a fixed plugin, since he says he'll tell you how to fix it. Personally, if he's going to make it, make it right the first time. It makes me wonder if he's distributing a trojan in the "fixed" one, something that he wouldn't be able to do through this website. It's rather suspicious in my opinion. - March 14, 2004 by Christina D