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yahoo plugins

This plugins for yahoo messenger..

This plugins for yahoo messenger..

By NetSky

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June 19, 2006 by NetSky TGO20008 downloads

yahoo plugins - This plugins for yahoo messenger..

Staff review

Yahoo Now Playing Spammer

There seemed to be an issue with the installer not being able to find a file on install otherwise all was fine.

The plugin appeared to work correctly and you can configure some of what is displayed.


doesn't work on ym 9.0 - i hope major improvement for this plugin will be done so it can be use with the latest yahoo messenger (9.0) soon. love winamp and i cant live without it. so do with ym. so hope u guys can settle this thing out a.s.a.p - June 20, 2009 by aries_me58

Crap - I installed it, but it gave no confirmation. I restarted my computer, just in case, and in Winamp, it didn't show up as a plug-in. I tried installing it onto my desktop, and it threw a file there, gen_msgr.dll. I checked in my Winamp folder, and it was there. When I tried deleting it from the folder, it said I didn't have permission! I can't delete either file now! HORRIBLE! - May 18, 2008 by Dima A

Doesn't Work At All - On install with WinAmp 5.24 on XP Pro, I did not get any errors about missing files. It appeared to work, though the installation program is completely lacking in any kind of instructions beyond "click next." When it finished, it threw open two browser windows, once which DNS error ed and one which went to a site under construction. The plug in never actually installed from what I can tell, even after three attempts. I think I'll run a virus scan now, and I wouldn't bother with this one at all. - September 26, 2006 by Summer Wilson