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Compatible with Dell XPS Generation 2 Laptops

Compatible with Dell XPS Generation 2 Laptops

This plug-in is a must for any Dell XPS Gen 2 Laptop owner.

It synchronizes the speaker, backpanel and fan leds to the music.

This plugin was developed by Jason Vonnieda ([email protected]) and Scott Harris ([email protected])
** This has only been tested on the XPS Gen 2 Laptop but may work on XPS Desktops with LEDs as well.

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September 23, 2005 by Scott Harris34000 downloads

XPS LEDs - Compatible with Dell XPS Generation 2 Laptops

Staff review

This is run as a visualisation plugin and Winamp recognised the plugin but without the required system i've no idea how well it works in real use though.


Can anyone do it work???! - I'm using XPS M1330 , Windows Vista ultimate. Coz I don't know that this plug-in can run LEDs on the multimedia short-keys or not.I'd already installed it but nothing happened....... - -a - November 11, 2008 by Patcharaphon Wongwetsawat

Wow - It works on the XPS 720, the only problems i have are that it turns off the LED's when a song ISNT playing (they are usually red), should be more configurable, be able to turn on and off. - August 14, 2008 by Sherman a

Holy Cow! - Very neat plugin!I've been looking for something that would be able to control the LEDs and such with no luck (other than the quickset).Anyways, just wanted to let you know that even if the LEDs are turned off in the BIOS this plugin is able to turn them back on.Cons: Needs more configuration options. Like being able to choose which LEDS are being used. And what high-low values are.Thanks for a good plugin! - January 23, 2008 by Ryan Barnes

Very, very, very cool! - I just hope this can't screw up the LEDs inside, since they are going so fast. I would suggest more customization options of some sort, this leaves something to be desired, but I let this slide, because this is just so freakin cool! - August 8, 2007 by Roost Nichels

i used this plugin all the time with XP - i switched to vista however and looking into it, this plugin works with vista buit you have to install xp quickset with a custom install. i dont know how to do that. im sure its ungodly simple. so if someone would either post here or email me [email protected] id really appreciate it. thanks - May 7, 2007 by Aaron Craycraft

doesn't work with a XPS 710 desktop ... - Sniff ... this plug-in doesn't work with my XPS 710 desktop. Do you know if another version of this plug-in exist or another tool ? ... Sniff. - March 15, 2007 by Laurent LEdoux

Got it working under Vista - Hi again. I have now got the lights working under Windows Vista. I installed the Vista QuickSet utilities from Dell using a Complete install. Then I installed the Windows XP QuickSet utilities using a custom install and only installed the base components. Also, I needed to use Run as Administrator when launching Setup.exe. Now I have all the Vista compatible bits working AND Winamp can control my XPS 1710's lights. Awesome. - March 12, 2007 by David Musgrave

Fantastic under WinXP, fails under Vista - Hi there I only discovered this Plug-in recently and have been throroughly enjoying it on my Dell XPS M1710 under Windows XP. However, I have upgraded to Vista in the last few days and it does not work any more. Any chance of a Vista Compatible update? Thanks heaps. - March 8, 2007 by David Musgrave

HELP - Great idea Scott, but i have an xps gen 2 lappy and its not working, winamp recognizes it, but wont let my open config on it or apply it.... someone help me, aim me at iamprofchaos. thanks - August 22, 2006 by kc b

Best Plug-in Ever!!! - I Have to give it to whoever created this plug-in. GOOD JOB! its awesome and works great! i use it all the time. Only complaint would be that when using it you canot use other visualizations on screen, although i believe this is winamp's problem, NOT the creators. Thanks, Once Again. THIS IS THE BEST PLUG-IN!!! - February 27, 2006 by Jamie Tanner

GREAT! - This is a great plug-in. I wish I could configure each nuance, but its great in of itself. ADVICE: Be sure to have Dell's QuickSet Utility installed, or this plug-in will not work. - January 29, 2006 by Sean Knutson

It ROCKS! - What a cool plugin! This is so much fun - like having a nightclub on your lap! Would love to see this as a general system tray tool. Nice job! - December 19, 2005 by Stuart Burden

Outstanding - Awesome tool. Props to the author and from us out here with XPS's a job well done. I have several friends with XPS units and it works flawlessly on all. All reviews less than this are probably by people who don't have an XPS. Regardless, well done! - December 4, 2005 by Joe Fire

Needs configuration ability - I love the idea, wish the plugin worked better. I'm sure it works well with some kinds of music, but without any ability to configure it to my classical and jazz library (e.g. set what ranges are consider high and low; adjust beat detection), it would be more usefull Also, as it is, it visualizes the volume of your music as the color of the lights. Low volume is red light, higher volumes go more blueish. I can think of lots of other ways to do this that might work better for some music: e.g. set the lights to cycle through all colors no matter what the volume is, and increase cycle speed as volume increases--basically the lights change slowly for low volume, and go spastic at high volume. As it is, you can have spastic changes in the lights at low volume (quickly changing from red to orange to yellow and back) that don't seem to be a good way of visually expressing that the music is chill right now. - November 6, 2005 by Jason Brodsky

cool - Verryyy, very COOL! - October 9, 2005 by attila pordan

XPS Desktop - I\'ve got the Dell XPS Gen 5 desktop with adjustable LED front panel light. The plugin doesn\'t work and I can\'t configure it either. - October 6, 2005 by Chris Kramer

Works Well, Must for XPS Gen 2 Owners - Alright, here is the deal: You paid the $3,000 for the laptop give or take $800. You got 3 sets of cool 16 color LEDs. This is how you use them to their true potential. The downsides to this plugin: 1) At night you look like a UFO when walking accross a feild blasting music 2) The beat detection is average. It works better for some music than others. Sometimes it looks like a lot of random flashing. 3) Not for those prone to epileptic seizure. Good things about this plugin: 1) Impress your friends 2) Looks cool 3) May protect you in the event of an invasion by epileptic aliens and/or epileptic zombies. On a more serious note, my friend and I tried to make a plugin like this many months ago and failed. It's somewhat of a feat that it's been done. Did I mention that they look cool? - October 5, 2005 by Nick Allain

Ideally.. - Someone would review this product. With over 2,000 downloads someone has to have an opinion, or an idea for us regarding this plug-in. =) Thanks to anyone that takes the time to let us know what you think! - October 4, 2005 by Scott Harris