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XEQ 0_9_2

new version 0.9.2

new version 0.9.2

Equalizer, High Quality Resampler and nice Spectrum Analyzer in a single output plugin. Quick preset makes it more comfortable.New in this version: Winamp's volume control, gapless output, context menu, improved spectrum analyzer.

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May 2, 2005 by Krzysztof Nikiel115202 downloads

XEQ 0_9_2 - new version 0.9.2

Staff review

Equaliser and Resampler Output plugin

Quick to install and get going. An improvement over the build under submission 144724. The addition of volume control (which is off by default it seems) is a welcome addition.


Ref: Do NOT INSTALL!!! SPYWARE!!! APOLOGIES! - I wrote the opinion mentioned above. I owe an APOLOGY to . After further research, I realized that I HASTILY jumped to a WRONG conclusion. The referenced file "csrss.exe" is used for graphics! "Description: csrss.exe is the main executable for the Microsoft Client/Server Runtime Server Subsystem. This process manages most graphical commands in Windows. This program is important for the stable and secure running of your computer and should not be terminated." This is most likely used to generate the graphics interface for the program. I admit my mistake and hope that I have not besmirched Krzysztof Nikiel reputation and hard work beyond repair. SIR, please accept my apologies! You have produced a MOST excellent piece of software. Respectfully, Jaz - July 5, 2006 by Jaz Mo

Amazing!! - This output plugin delivers! The bass is extra deep (goes down to 60 hz), and the treble is crisp. In contrast, the internal equalizer doesn't boost the lowest frequencies, wich is quite audible on a HIFI setup like mine (got sum nice Energy speakers and a coaxial digital connection :-)). Anyway, Using this output with the MAD input plugin is giving me the highest fidelity possible, and I'm happy! Doesn't beat a DTS audio-CD in a regular CD-player with optical cabling, but what does? ;-D - January 7, 2006 by Tommy Jorgensen

WOW - WOW when i've plugged it in, the difference in sound made my eyeballs go out! It really sounds very very nice even on my Sound Blaster Awe 64 ;) - December 17, 2005 by Tymoteusz Swidurski

GREAT - I love this plug in. It makes my collection of WAV files sound great. Just turn off the interal eq first. - November 29, 2005 by Dave Truckenmiller

Exellent - Excellent plug in, ideal for records with poor bass sound. I like the idea of 6 buttons- it is so comfortable! - September 6, 2005 by Emzeta Zetmac

Enhanced sound quality... but gapless is lacking - Not sure if it's the resampling or if it's just a better decoder, but XEQ seems to provide much better overall sound quality than the Winamp DirectSound and WaveOut plugins. Everything sounds much clearer, louder and cleaner. Unfortunately, gapless is not that great. There's still an extremely short gap in between, defeating the purpose of calling a plugin gapless, because the transition into another track is still interrupted. mp3splice seems to be the only plugin out there that truly provides gapless output for Winamp, but unfortunately, it's also a resource hog, and since it came out in 2002 I doubt it will ever be improved upon. - August 17, 2005 by Nick X

Crashes when Winamp closes - I picked up the plug in primarily for the gapless feature (which worked great). I didn't play with the equalizer or anything so I won't comment there, but when I would shut down Winamp Win XP didn't like it. If you're not bothered by having to report errors, the plug in appears to work fine. - July 14, 2005 by William Knapp

needs work - has problems playing ripped tracks from cd needs to be configuerd to play all media - July 6, 2005 by john micheal

distortion solution - If you have problem with distortion it might help to lower XEQ gain slider and raise Winamp's volume. You can also use Windows mixer to boost master volume. When using this EQ I would suggest to disable Winamp EQ not to overequalize the sound. - May 28, 2005 by Krzysztof Nikiel

Better than all! - This is by far the best ive seen yet there is a problem with distortion. Any solution to this im overlooking? I love it though it gave alot of extra bass though ive had problems with having to constantly reinstall it to make it work. - May 25, 2005 by Brandon Rice