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X10 Remote Control plug-in

X10 Remote Control plug-in

A plug-in to control Winamp with a X10 remote control (infrared or wireless). The remote control must be compatible with X10's ActiveHome Pro (

ActiveHome Pro is not needed to use this plug-in, only the ActiveHome Scripting SDK, which is freely downloadable at

The source code of this plugin is available at my home page; check out the readme file.

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June 3, 2005 by Florian Albrecht28512 downloads

X10Remote - X10 Remote Control plug-in

Staff review

Remote controller plugin

I don't have a compatable remote but the plugin doesn't appear to cause any problems when installed still (on a Win2k machine). There's a good range of configurable actions in the preferences so it should be pretty easy to tweak to what you need.


Very nice, thank you! - Finally, I can jump forward/backward 5 seconds with my UR81A remote while viewing downloaded TV shows. Boom2000 simply did not support this function despite the claims in its help file. Additionally, there have been no updates to Boom2000 since 1/10/03 and it seems unlikely there ever will. Since the source code for this plugin is readily available, there is at least the chance that more functions will be added. - December 17, 2007 by Steve Carruthers

few functions - At first: Thank for your work! Secondly: You only can play, pause, stop, stop and fade out, 1% raise volume, next, fast forward I want more! Now I'm going to make my own programm to extend the functions of my X10 remote control! Because I found out that you haven't much invested your time to improve your work (few functions). Don't bend it but I have to do this. - August 6, 2006 by Abi Kadudi

Worked right from the start! - Thank you man. After done what you say in the description(2 minutes) It worked for me! Thanx. - June 5, 2006 by kjell fossi

wOw!!! - THANX!!! YMMD! I was looking for such a Plugin for so long, and you got exactly what i'm looking for!!! - May 8, 2006 by Soenke Domroese

Absolutely Great! - This program ist really great. I looked for such a tool for a long time. Now I can control winamp comfortably from my armchair :-) Thanks a lot to Florian!!! - November 10, 2005 by Tobias Merseburger

Works with Medion (Aldi) PC remotes - Recent Medion PCs (as sold by German supermarket chain Aldi) come with an X10 remote. With this little plug-in, WinAMP can now be controlled with that remote. Very well done! Simple to install and configure. Only wish I have: more functions of WinAMP should be remote-controllable. For example, it'd be nice to switch on/off and change visualizations with the remote. - September 4, 2005 by Daniel Schroeder

Also.... - compatible with ATI`s Remote Wonder, due to the fact they are using the X10 inside their All-In-Wonder Packages! Although the Software which comes together with the Remote is not supporting Winamp 5x, its working anyways! Good Stuff! - August 26, 2005 by Janis Schrodin

Great Plugin - Thank you very much! I just got myself a Niveus Media remote and it would not control winamp. With this plugin it works flawlessly! Wippie!! - June 18, 2005 by James Hetfeild