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Your music at your fingertips...

Your music at your fingertips...

Wreeno shows cd cover on the desktop. You can arrange them freely and place them in several layers. Use 'Get cover from Amazon!' to download missing cover. "Wreeno allows a similiar genious access like iTunes. One click on the cover and the cd of your choice starts playing..." (PC [email protected] 03/2007)

++ new design/graphic engine
++ some minor bugfixes


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December 10, 2006 by Robert Poser13003 downloads

Wreeno - Your music at your fingertips...

Staff review

Well this was an original idea but the implementation wasn't the most intuitive.

Setting it up to work with folders wasn't as straightforward as it could have been, some of the actions conflicted with normal system settings (like the mousewheel changing) and the items on the desktop kept disappearing too easily instead of staying in place.

The only plus side was the coverart downloading did work well. This is also an external app running separately from Winamp.


nice idea - too unstable and unweildly atm but could be a really good peice of sowftware - February 13, 2008 by benedict mackay