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Wops Generic IR Amp Remote

A generic infrared remote control plugin.

A generic infrared remote control plugin.

IRAmpRemote allows the use of most different remote controls zapper things, by seamlessly channeling the signal from InterVideos WinRemote, into winamp.

A demo copy of WinDVR or better must be installed, but doesnt have to be running.
(just need to steal its drivers ^^)

IRAmpRemote also allows you to choose and save your own button config. Yays.

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January 30, 2007 by Wopsy Wopstick27232 downloads

Wops Generic IR Amp Remote - A generic infrared remote control plugin.

Staff review

This is untested as no ir remote was available to try this with. Make sure that you do read the instructions which come with this if you have the compatible hardware to use this.


Not shure if it works....... - Ok so where do you get a demo copy of WinDVR?? - July 21, 2009 by e.helgager

Works Great - Well, Danny Staple, did you ever consider that since you're the one person in 14,000 (at the time of writing) who's spotted a trojan, you might be the one poor bugger with the infection/false positive?It's been scanned by kaspersky & trendmicro (zipped + unzipped, online), and most probably by nullsoft..The reason the file would not work is that the setup routine *will* fail to execute after infection on your end.Would some mod with good sense mind removing Danny's Post? It wouldn't take 2 mins to scan the thing? Cheers :) - October 30, 2007 by wopstickle wopstickle

Didnt work, came loaded with a trojan - As soon as it was downloaded, AVG marked it as PSW.Generic5.TMV. AVG suggested it "healed" the binary, which when run, simply removed itself. Yup - I mean I ran it, and the file deleted itself. There is something a bit odd going on with this... - October 28, 2007 by Danny Staple

Works - I was looking a way to use my Windows Media Centre remote with Winamp. i'd tried a few plugins, but this is the one that worked. if all you wanna do is skip back and foreward, then this is a sinch to get using, just press the correct button when prompted, and there you go. re-start winamp, it's working... i havent tested it for anything else. but for what i wanted it for it's great. future revisions, could see a better interface, and conformation that you've pressed the button, as it doesnt tell you that yes, there is now a button assigned to play...etc... - March 13, 2007 by Matthew Armstrong

Note - Uhm.. working peachy without fail so far. Just be sure to use Install WinDVR 2.0 or thereabouts, the 3.0 series appears incompatble. - February 9, 2007 by Wopsy Wopstick