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Wombat Share

Share your media on the lan.

Share your media on the lan.

New version 0.67 (Protocol v0.943)

This plugin allows you to share your media library with everyone on your network, no configuration required!


+ Dynamic network discovery (local sub-net only)

+ Compressed playlist transmission

+ Support for very large playlists.

+ Multi-threaded!

+ Low bandwidth usage, communications via http and multi-casting.

+ Manual IPs.

+ Super-List

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March 5, 2004 by java junky17420 downloads

Wombat Share - Share your media on the lan.

Staff review


drop the itunes and use this - this plugin is awesome, i'm getting all my coworkers to use it here. a lot of people are using itunes here to share their music over the network.. but i just don't like having to use a separate (and rather "bloaty") app just to share and stream over the network - and to listen to my own music. i use winamp for all my music anyway.. so this plugin is basically perfect. something wombat share has which itunes doesn't: super list. awesome. - June 30, 2006 by kevin wu

Easy to set up, and works great!! - This plugin works as advertised. Pretty close to the ease of use of iTunes library sharing (iTunes...ugh!!). If you have a LAN, this is the easiest method for playing music from a shared library that I've found. A couple of things I'd like to see: 1) Album/Artist views (in the works I believe)...can't wait! 2) Display of shared playlists in the media library tree (right-click is inconvenient, but certainly usable). I also can't seem to get him to play the tracks in a shared playlist in the order I specified when creating the list. But overall, a great plugin. Keep up the great work JavaJunky! - January 5, 2006 by Tim Bower

Share it - This is the coolest sharing plugin I've ever seen. Very easy to use and reasoably stable :-) Be advised however, occasionly breaks down accessing users with very large media collections (1000+ or so). Fix the stability issue and it's a clear five-star plugin in my oppinon. Cheers - March 31, 2004 by Thomas Bentzen

Stability issue fixed in forum thread - Hi, thanks for your review. The stability issue has been (largely) fixed. Have a look in the Winamp development forum at the link provided in the description. The bottom most downloadable archive should have all fixes in. This particular version of the plugin is out of date ;) - March 31, 2004 by java junky

Great, but not perfect. - The program could use a few tweaks, but generally, it's by far the best option for WinAmp 5 local network sharing. Keep up the good work, and you'll get 5 stars! - March 13, 2004 by Clay Barnes