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Display and Scroll song title on a LCD

Display and Scroll song title on a LCD

WLcd44780 is a plugin which displays scrolling Winamp's title on a LCD (Liquid Crystal Displays HD44780 Compatible Interface) with 16 or 20 characters.A pinout description is given for the connection to a PC parallel port.

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October 2, 2000 by Jerome Launay55973 downloads

Wlcd44780 - Display and Scroll song title on a LCD

Staff review

Winamp title display on LCD

Displays Winamp scrolling title on an LCD...just connect thru PC parallel port. I don't have an LCD handy, so I wasn't able to test plug-in for bugs...if anyone finds any, please contact the author. Thanks. -dg


Simple and effective - I aggree Neil! I dunno why all these peeps are saying this sucks, cos it works fine on my LCD. OK, it doesn't work in win2k, and I have to run under 98, but 2k parrallel LCD software is advanced stuff. This is the best and most stable software I've found yet. - December 18, 2002 by Graham Lord

it DOES work with XP! - If you install and start the plugin under winXP it is true that you will get a runtime error, BUT there is a way to get it working! Simply run Winamp in Windows 98/ME compatible mode and there is no problems atall! To do this, rightclick on your winamp-shortcut, go to the [Compatibility]-Tab, choose "Run this program in compatibility mode for: Windows 98 / Windows Me" Easy! - July 24, 2002 by Angel Englen

Very Stable! - All those who dis this plugin are obviously not up on their electronics.. in which case, don't even attempt this! The guy who toasted his LCD probably connected it backwards, or to the 12V supply!! It worked 1st time for me and is very stable, even on a 1M long cable. Good work mate!! - July 3, 2002 by Neil Farthing

hmm - Gives a runtime error when winamp starts - May 31, 2002 by Jake K

SUX! - My Winamp is Crashed cause of that! "RUNTIME ERROR!!" - January 26, 2002 by Frank K

SUCKS!!! - It doesn't work and my wanamp is crashed!! - December 16, 2001 by Super Maardi

its bugged - bugged killed my LCD display ! - October 6, 2001 by Titanium man Titanium man

Good Stuff - This is a great plugin. It is super easy to install and has all the functionality to work with my system. My only disappointment is that it isn't compatable with Win 2K/XP. Oh well :) - September 17, 2001 by Marco Polo

Works well - When I first saw this plugin, I didn't believe it'd work, so I bought meself an LCD, spent a while soldering the parallel interface onto it, and much to my surprise, it works like a charm. Now if only more software would be developed for the 44780... :) - August 9, 2001 by Lucifer Morningstar

Perfect - Just what I was looking for! Perfect! - May 12, 2001 by Marc Friedman

Great idea - I?ve been waiting for someone to make such a plugin. Havn?t tried it out yet, but i think it will be fun using. - April 13, 2001 by Michael Laursen