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Winstick v1-3

Control Windows and Winamp with your Joystick or RM-1500 remote

Control Windows and Winamp with your Joystick or RM-1500 remote

Control Winamp, Windows and Media Player with your joystick or RM-1500 remote. Contains all the common features the other joystick Winamp plugins have, plus the ability to run Winamp, since its not really a plugin but an externall app.


- Fixed RM-1500 detection problem

- new Winamp related features: Media Library and iPod browser

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June 29, 2004 by Yiannis Pericleous33976 downloads

Winstick v1-3 - Control Windows and Winamp with your Joystick or RM-1500 remote

Staff review

Winamp joystick control

Control Winamp's main functions with a joystick... very convient for gamers.


Teted with a very odd configuration! - I've tested this plugin with a **very** odd config : Saitek DVD COMMANDER II ( for playstation ) Speed-Link PSX2 Gamepad Converter Plug the Saitek' remote unit into the PSX2 gamepad converter and use the remote as a gamepad. Works **great** Congrats for this excellent plugin. - October 12, 2006 by Albert Cochrane

great - I have a wireless game controler and this works perfect, I can control my music from about 50 ft away. no bugs so far. - March 20, 2006 by Larry Pless

Excelente - Excelente Plug-in He probado este plug-in desde hace mucho tiempo y siempre ha funcionado perfectamente. El ?nico detalle es que vine a ver si hab?a una nueva versi?n y no la hay... realmente espero una nueva versi?n Me gustar?a que lo ampliaran m?s, por ejemplo, agregar adem?s de soporte para joystick, tuvieran soporte para teclado y algunas cosas m?s. Pero, reitero, el plug-in es excelente - February 10, 2006 by Miguel Berroteran

Great - This is a good feature. But i couldn't get some of the features to work. - September 24, 2005 by jacob law

REEEEEEee perikleous - theo - July 25, 2005 by Theodoulos Theodoulou

FORZ FIDBACK :) - May the forz be with the one who listens music :) (HINT) Since this plugin is quite complexe (i like it), as a suggestion, it would be nice if it had force feedback suport :) depending on music, like a visualizer :) But i keep dreaming to have smtg like that one day Regards, Me - February 22, 2005 by Warlock Warlord

Can't keep the configuration in memory... - After trying in vain to have my new joystick configured with this plugin, I\'ve notice that the plugin couldn\'t keep up the configuration of the controls that I\'ve tried to put... A nice plugin, but it\'s not working for me..... - January 10, 2005 by Sebastien Sirois

Best Input Plugin I've Downloaded - AWESOME!!! This is exactly what I need. Now I can control my music with my cordless joystick while I\'m away from my desk. - December 12, 2004 by Todd Carver

PERRRRRFECT - This plug-in kicks ass. Not only does it work flawlessly on my 3.0Ghz Dell, but it does more than I could want. You can set your game controler to surf the web and execute your programs. My only complaint was that I did not have more buttons on my 16 button controler. The alternates are very very useful. If you are are computer tech-tool junkie, this is the plug-in for you!! - October 2, 2004 by James Landon

Great concept but... - it was quite buggy, and would often not render quite right. I am running a dual monitior set up with two seperate video cards on winblows ME, could that be the problem? - August 11, 2004 by patrick laing

awesome! - I have Microsoft SideWinder Precision Pro USB -joystick and it works very well with this plug-in. No problems whatsoever! I've been dreaming of a remote control for my Winamp and now I finally got one! This is the best plug-in ever! - July 11, 2004 by Antti Koljonen

Hmm - This plug-in seems really great, but it doesn't open for me, there is an error when it opens but i really wish i could use it... - July 9, 2004 by Jose Salgado

Works for me... - I have a Saitek Rumble force joystick, and the programs that came with it didnt pick all the buttons, but this plugin, was able to see all of the buttons on my joystick.I play alot wi my joystick and it wouldnt do me much good, hitting a button and it changeing my song while hitting a hard left dodging an enemy... I like it and the disable feature too. 4/5 No bugs as of right now... But it looks a little bit dragie, mabey some skins in the future? - June 30, 2004 by Martin Rudolph