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Program downloads and displays lyrics

Program downloads and displays lyrics

WinLyrics is a plug-in that displays lyrics for currently playing song in Winamp. It gets lyrics directly from song file, from text file, or from web database.

Main features:
- loads lyrics from huge web database (about 180,000 lyrics)
- built-in lyrics editor
- multilanguage support
- skinable interface
- hot keys support
- hit list
- and more...

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January 17, 2004 by Josef Kyrian105209 downloads

WinLyrics - Program downloads and displays lyrics

Staff review

Lyrics display window for Winamp

Fairly straightforward plugin that provides a seperate window for viewing lyric files in Winamp. Good amount of configuration is available. Also includes assignable hotkeys and hitlist stats. Makes for a functional download.


It crashed and Had to reinstall winamp =( - December 15, 2010 by DarkTide

Doesn't work. - I remembered Winlyrics being useful a few yeaes ago. I thought I'd download and try it again. But when the search box came up with a song I'd click it to apply the lyric encoding to the song. Never happened. So I clicked the box and now it's supposed to do it automatically. Except it keeps failing somewhere because when I searched manually I got "An error occurred in database." This needs to be fixed. Please reach me at my email. - July 16, 2009 by Derek Navarro

EASY AS PIE - This is the first lyrics plug-in I tried (out of 5-6 others) that uses MY lyric files and yet is so easy to enter time-stamps. (If you've ever tried to enter time-stamps in Windows Media Player you know how hard THAT is.) - February 12, 2009 by JD Crownover

payed but does not work - Shit happens. Payed it, got the key, and it did not work. No reply from the guys since 2008-08-19. So through it away after trying, dont' buy it! - September 23, 2008 by Bernd Beusmann

From Cool to Garbage - It was cool at first but now all it does is complain about the web database access.The least one could do is keep a separate database or be able to pay via contributions - not to mention choosing a free volunteer database.Heaven forbid anyone might actually get a kick out of it.I can't believe I entered hundreds of those into their huge and impressing database of lyrics users got suckered into building.Now the damned thing is stuck with what seems to be an invalid key and all it does is nag me to purchase it.I'll write another addon with my own blood before I pay you to get my lyrics back.I'm not paying thieves. - July 5, 2008 by Ndi Ndi

Where's the window? - I'm looking for a plug-in that can read lyrics embedded in midi files, just like the built-in one in Winamp does, but with some sort of autoformat/autoscroll, but I can't even find the window in this one. Nothing happens after I've installed the plug-in, except a setup Window appears. =( - April 22, 2008 by Tomas Rauhala

Works with text trashes ID3 - This works fine when the lyrics are already in ID3 tags of an MP3 file, and it works for storing lyrics in a text file.But when the plugin is used to store lyrics in an MP3 it trashed the file. The result was a shortened track with much higher pitch. - March 21, 2008 by John Clement

xxx - no comments - October 2, 2007 by andreas dreee

No support - Anything you pay for should have some sort of support. The winlyrics website removed their support forum and doesn't have any way to email them except to [email protected] They'll gladly take your money but then you're on your own. - March 20, 2006 by Dave Boudreaux

#1 plug-in for displaying lyrics - If you really want to see what are they sing about -- this plug-in is you choice. Skinable, configurable, comfortable and... stable (Jesus, pardon me). LRC and IDv2 lyrics can be stored and read from the mp3-file, separate lyrics file and from Internet. Previous comment disappointed me and caused to register and post this one. Plug-in is just the best for displaying and editing lyrics, but not for search. If you miss some lyric -- Google it! Then use + in Winamp Lyrics. - March 20, 2006 by Artem Zankovich

Just..bad. - I didn't like it much. Self-proclaim huge database, although only a small number of my database was covered, adn that number is less than 10, out of about 1,600. It gets two starts because the actual lyrics part was great when it worked, moved exactly on que. - January 25, 2006 by Johnny Hicks

just what i was looking for ! - simple to use, good identification of the song - November 13, 2005 by massimiliano baccanico

Awesome Plugin - Awesome plugin works great no problems installing - October 1, 2005 by Josh Sampson

Win Lyrics - I've tried all of the karaoke text and this is the best ever i found. Good job. - July 20, 2005 by vince chen

Piece of art - I usually do not write any comment, although before I download a pice of software i read them a lot. I have only one thing to say. THIS IS REALLY CEWL SOFTWARE. I wanted that kind of functionality, but i didn't expect to find it... this really rocks... the only thing is that it is not integrated somehow into media library... not that necesary though... aaa.. also you have to pay, but who cares - June 8, 2005 by Noen Noen

good and BAD - A really nice app.. everything is implemented and integrated. The search routine is good and thorough.. Karaoke is easily created.. BUT this plugins memory usage is TERRIBLE. If you spend time working with your music and this plugin, your computer's resources will dissipate and youll be left with an unstable and/or slowwww computer. - February 21, 2005 by Cadil lakin

Great - This was honestly the bets Lyric shower I ever seen! Find almost every english song but it has problem to find swedish punk like ebba gr?n.. :P But you can send in lyrics to with this! Great! - February 16, 2005 by Oskar Andersson

Whoa... someone forgot something... - Pretty AWESOME plugin... but works only for 60 days without registration !! and registration requires money... so poor people like me are better off not gettting too addicted to it. :( able to read lyrics from withing the mp3 file nicely... high on configurability too. vik - February 6, 2005 by Vikram D

Nice Plugin - Works very well except some Lyrics don't have the timed auto scroll so I'll just have to live with that - January 21, 2005 by Adam H

The best I have seen. Stable, lots of features, fair price. - This plug-in is sooo good. It's absolutely unfair that users are giving it low ratings just because it's shareware. So what if it's shareware? "A worker is worth his wages", says the Bible. Being shareware or not is not the point of the rating. The rating is for the plug-in, not its price. I found this plug-in soo good and better than all the others I tried, that I even translated it in to Portuguese. It is very flexible, has lots of features for controlling how, where, when, where to load/record lyrics. Very easy to use. The lyrics database has grown drastically. I find most lyrics there, even lyrics in Portuguese. And if I don't, then I find them myself and upload them to the database to share with others. This is what makes the database grow. If you want something really good, then it's fair that you pay a price. And it's not a big price, anyway. - January 20, 2005 by Michael Lees

Back to 1.75!!! - I really liked this plug-in, version 1.75 had it all, load and save in several formats (external file lyrics and embedded ID3 tag lyrics), high precision time stamps (milliseconds), internal editor full of hotkeys, dual language mode for translated lyrics and was freeware. Some weeks later, came up version 2.0, not only it brought a batch of horrible bugs, but also lacked the dual language mode (so the previous lyrics with translations didn't work anymore) and, worse of all, it became shareware. Keep away from this plug-in, get the 1.75 freeware version (the only fault was it didn't use Unicode,but you can change the code page simply editing the WinAmp skin font, no need to restart WinAmp or anything, the change is effective immediately...) - January 1, 2005 by Temporal Bolt

Well done lyrics plugin - WinLyrics searches the lyrics of the song you are currently playing in some database and brings it into a winamp-like window. Also highlights current line, and has several other goodies,... I like this. Thanks Josef - September 25, 2004 by O Pi

Shareware! - It sucks to download a plugin and figure out it's shareware. Put such information into the description!!! - August 31, 2004 by ..::: Sebastian :::...

THE BEST AND ONLY DECENT LYRICS PLUG-IN - I can't believe someone gave it 2 stars. I have tried *SEVERAL* lyrics plug-ins, and I am *VERY* exigent. This plug-in is so good and smooth. So configurable, yet simple. A new song begins to play, and here come the lyrics, from my Lyrics folder, from the MP3 tag, or, guess what, from the **HUGE** database they keep on the Internet. The Internet database is great, because the USERS contribute with the lyrics, and everyone benefits. I used to use another plug-in specifically to find lyrics. Not anymore. I regularly upload lyrics I have, and other users do also. Oh, and you can use a proxy server if you wish. The lyrics can be highlighted by time, or by markers in the lyrics. And the lyrics can be edited right there, on their window. No more trying to play the guitar and sing AND SCROLL the lyrics manually! There's so many options... fonts, colors, skins, expressions for outputing file info with the lyrics, hit list... and even Hot Keys! The full-screen mode is also very nice. This plug-in is SOOO GOOD that I even translated it. YEs, it's availabe in several languages! It's constantly being updated with new features. Worth every single penny. 6 stars I would say. - August 15, 2004 by Michael Lees

huggly - bleuurk. Huggly plugin first it exist many alternative FREE PLUG-INS and make not disappear media library in context menu - January 18, 2004 by FRENCH WINAMP

AWESOME - Definitely worth the 14USD to register! Gives you a 30 day trial. I have Winamp5 windowshaded at the top, with the lyrics window shaded (at 1024x768 it takes VERY little screen space) at the bottom. As everyone else has said, you can edit it and other great stuff. - December 5, 2003 by Josh Somers

Awesome. Wonderful. Easy. What else can I say? - One of the best plug-ins I have ever seen, and definitely the best lyrics plug-in (yes, I've tried them all). Not only does it work with lyrics, but you can also set hot-keys for virtually any Winamp action (play, pause, etc.) Lyrics can be saved or loaded from the MP3 file itself, or from text files. Don't have the lyrics? Don't worry: they can be loaded automatically from the online database! Incredible. And you can also have them saved in to the MP3 file or in a text file automatically! And if you have the lyrics, you can upload them to the database to share with other users, so every user contributes to the database! Want to sing along? WL has so many features for highlighting the lyrics at the right moment. You can use time stamps, advanced time stamps, or simply time. Colors? Fonts? Skins? Choose what YOU want. Select the fonts and colors YOU prefer, or let WL use Winamp's skin fonts. What songs do you like most? Winamp Lyrics will tell you through its Hit List. Don't speak English? No problem, Winamp Lyrics allows you to change to another language on the fly. Want to edit the Lyrics? Go ahead, straight in Winamp window, or in Note Pad. You choose. So many options and features that I can't remember. And all of this in a simple program with a very organized interface. So good that it should be part of Winamp. Go and download it! ( - November 30, 2003 by Michael Lees

HOT NEW FEATURES! - Professional lyrics plug-in, LOADS LYRICS FROM HUGE WEB DATABASE, text file or mp3 file; built-in lyrics editor saves to txt or mp3; thanks to hot keys you can control Winamp; fully skinable; It's simply the best lyrics plugin... - November 19, 2003 by Josef Kyrian

High Precision Time-stamp - Excellent lyrics plug-in, the only with milliseconds time-stamp (mm:ss.fff), also allows multiple time-stamps for chorus lines. The internal editor also works, reads and saves Lyrics3 tags (attached to the end of the .MP3 file). It also doesn't require you to edit a skin for it, it just "grabs" graphics from the PlayList bitmaps. In other words, it does what it should do (could do more, with such high precision, like karaoke presentation, but that's not what this plug-in is for...) Hint if you had your lyrics in a one or two digits precision by another lyrics editor: add two or one zero before the closing bracket to "fix" them to this plug-in (it expects three digits precision after the seconds, so it won't display correctly lyrics with one or two digits...) - October 30, 2003 by Temporal Bolt

Very handy - I am still using Winamp2, part of reazon is because of this handy tool. If the lyrics are not english, what you usally have to do is to copy the lyrics from internet. If that's the case for you, try it. Very nice - July 5, 2003 by Fang Jin

Best lyrics plug-in - It has the features of all other lyrics plugins and on top of that, has some that no other have. Simply put, it's terrific. - January 18, 2003 by Rafael Bisan